World Trade Center (2006)

Directed by Oliver Stone

Starring Nicolas Cage, Michael Peña, Maria Bello, Maggie Gyllenhaal. 

This week was the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I want to distance myself first from any political view, I only see people that died and others injured that have nothing to do with the reasons those terrorists did this. Just like it saddens me to see documentaries on Hiroshima. With that out of a way, it was one of those moments that you even remember where you were and it was really horrific to see all that was happening. It also was heavily documented with all the people recording the events. Oliver Stone I believe was one of the first to make a film about the subject, though I think he did it right. He did not into showing the planes crashing onto the tours, it was all implied. The rest well he did show how it was that day. 

The story focuses on Port Authority that responded to the site and got trapped by the rubble as the towers collapsed. John McLaughlin and Will Jimeno survive the rubble but they are stuck and the two men bond as they keep each other alive while they ope someone finds them and saves them. 

I saw the movie was available at Amazon Prime and decided to see it again. Is one of those films where you can’t really judge much because it did happen and it’s a hard moment for so many.

The film had good performances but I have to say that it was Maria And Maggie that carried the film. They were perfect in their roles. They really showed the emotions and what they must have felt while waiting to hear some news about John and Will. 

The story was one of the few with happy endings and because of that I think the film was made. I know someday someone will make a more graphic and detailed film, but this one still stands as one of the few films based on the actual event, the other one I know is United 93. 

It was truly a sad moment and one of the best documentaries I have seen is one made by HBO called In Memoriam, where we can footage of Pezzulo’s funeral, he was one portrayed in the fil by Jay Hernandez.   

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