When series ends! Spoilers!

I was just watching a video of the las 5 minutes of the series of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I started thinking about all those series finales that just makes you feel like real members of your family are moving away. You spend your time with these characters, sometimes years and if you are like me that really dives into movies or shows, it gets hard to say goodbye. I would like to share a few of those finales that I liked. Just a list no order intended.

  1. Friends – this show is one of the funniest shows ever. I still see it and really just laugh. Each character brings something to the show and they were on our TV’s for 10 seasons. When it came time for the finale, the obvious happened finally, Ross and Rachel got together, that was a special moment but the moment that really moved me was when they all leave their keys of Monica’s apartment. They were moving on and so did the fans of the show. It kind of makes you think of friends in your own life who had to go different ways. 
  2. Boy Meets World – this is a family show that aired on TGIF line up that included great shows like Full House, Step by Step and others. To this day, this show remains one of my favorites, it had good stories, it was silly at times but always funny. It centered on Cory and his friendship with Sean and his love for Topanga. One other important character was Mr. Feeny played by actor William Daniels. The last episode we learned that Cory and Topanga were moving to New York and they took Sean and Eric with them. But the real moment that in all honesty always makes me cry was when they say goodbye to Mr. Feeny. It just a beautiful moment of how this teacher touched their lives and that final moment that with an empty classroom he says that he loved them all. 
  3. Parenthood – As I write this blog, I am currently watching a few episodes before the show leaves Netflix. I have seen it 5 times and just love it. I think it is my favorite show ever. The story of family and how they are there for each other even when going through difficult times. The ending was expected, but that did not make it less beautiful or prevented tears to fall as the family said goodby to Zeek on the baseball field. 
  4. Weeds – this one might be weird to be included, but this was the first series I saw in it’s entirety on Netflix and I loved the characters. The show is about a widow who starts selling drugs to keep the lifestyle she had with her two sons. It’s a crazy show but I loved the characters and the ending just felt perfect, Mary Louis Parker’s character sits on the porch and all the main characters join her with the beautiful song “with arma outstretched”. I guess since I spent my lunch hours with them when it ended I did not know what to see next. 
  5. How I met Your Mother – this one I am including because other that Ted and Robin ending together, the rest had good and moving moments. I loved the fact that they showed them through the years and they remained friends. The moment Barney holds his daughter for the first time is simply a beautiful moment. I did not like that they killed the mother so he could end with Robin. I think she should have stayed with Barney and let Ted be happy with Tracy. 

There were shows that had ending is other ways like Saved by the Bell that ended in a movie, hearing Slater say to newly wed Zack that it was the end of an era, it sure felt like it, I grew up watching the show.

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