Power Ballads: Rockers had hearts too!

If you lived through the 80’’s and early 90’s as a teen, the music was great. And Heavy Metal or Glam Rock was one of the main genres and they were big on MTV. One thing you could always count on was the power ballad. A gentle song coming from these dudes dressed like ladies. Some are really good and others were just formula songs hoping to cash in. If you were part of this great let’s share, these are ones I still listen too.

20. Silent Lucidity by Qeensryche – a song that grew on me, I don’t remember liking it liking it that much when it was released. I listened to it again not long ago and I ended up liking it a lot. Maybe it was because I did not follow the band and really, I still only know that song.

19. Here I go Again – Whitesnake – this one is a classic, part ballad and a rocking chorus with lyrics that you can’t help to sing along to.

18. Eternal Flame – The bangles – this was more a pop/rock group, but this ballad is one that I remember liking a lot. I have good memories with this song.

17. Honestly – Stryper – This song is one of the strongest songs of commitment I have heard. As a Christian band it might be talking about a relationship with God, but it can apply to other relationships.   

16. Don’t go away mad (Just go away) Motley Crue – this is one of my favorite songs from the Crue, in the end Vince did go away, but maybe he was mad.

15. Nothing else matters – Metallica – They did have slower songs before, but not with the feel of a power ballad. With Nothing else matters Metallica provided a nice ballad with a bit of rock and beautiful lyrics by James Hetfield.

14. Objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are – Meat Loaf – Maybe the choice for many the pick would have been I’d do anything for love, I always loved this song more, the lyrics are beautiful and Meat Loafs delivers each lyric with passion.

13. Never say goodbye – Bon Jovi – This song just brings out the nostalgia for high school and all the emotions of love at that age and the hope that friends could stay together.

12. Heaven – Warrant – Maybe this one falls a bit under a song written with the formula of the slow song in mind, but it did not matter to me, I liked and I like it still.

11. Don’t know what you got (till it’s gone) – Cinderella – from their great album Long Cold Winter comes this beautiful song.

10. Amazing – Aerosmith – from their great album Get a Grip, comes this song that has great lyrics and a great guitar solo at the end from Joe Perry, also the video was great.

09. Can’t fight this feeling – REO Speed wagon – This is a song that I think every could relate to at some point, when you want to express your feelings but don’t know, and the point when you can’t keep it inside anymore.

08. Estranged – Guns N’ Roses – this in an epic song written by Axl, it has a lot of melodic changes, a beautiful piano section and Slash provided beautiful guitar solos.

07. Living Years – Mike and the Mechanics – this a moving song, the lyrics so beautiful and at least in my case it always makes me feel emotional, the subject of saying what we want to say to people before we lose them.

06. Cryin’ – Aerosmith – One of my favorite lyrics from Steven. I find the words to be clever and the performance from the band to be great.

05. Every rose has its thorn – In my opinion one of the biggest power ballads ever.

04. Home Sweet Home – Motley Crüe – This one is a great song and coming from a band like Motley Crue made it more impressive.

03. Faithfully – Journey – I am not a big fan of the band but this song is just amazing. It really touches on what is life for a couple who are forced to spend time apart, in this case from touring, but there are other jobs that keep people separated. The end refrain is just a sing along moment for concerts.

02. Something to believe in – Poison – This a great song and I like it because the lyrics are real. Bret sings it because he meant every word, or at least that is how it feels for me as listen to the song. I think he wrote when a friend of him died, and that helpless emotion is clear in the song and it’s a song I really like.

01 Novemeber Rain – Gun N’Roses – This song is simply epic. From the arrangement, the vocal performance and again Slash on the guitar is simply perfect. The lyrics are very beautiful and the bridge is one of my favorite lyrics of all time.

There are a lot to choose from, but these are the ones I like the most, I hope to hear from others what are their favorites.

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