Two great concerts!

There is something special about seeing a band you like to play live in concert. I can’t explain the feeling of being in the same room and share a few hours of music and sing along with the band. I have gone to see great bands like Stryper, the Latin band Maná and the troubadour Joan Manuel Serrat and I have loved those concerts. But there are two that I have to say are the two best concerts I have ever been, at least so far.

The first one is a concert I never dreamed I would be able to go to. On April 2010, Paul McCartney rocked the house for nearly three hours with his Freshen up Tour. That was a special night, I got to go with the man who introduced me to The Beatles, my father, as we both saw McCartney live for the first time. He did not disappoint, right from the start I knew I was in for a special concert. With the song Venus And Mars, the concert began and without taking a rest he took from The Beatles to Wings and to his solo work. There were so many memorable moments, nothing tops the moment he appeared with his acoustic guitar to sing Yesterday, and when we all sang along to Hey Jude. For me to listen to songs like Blackbird, Let it be, Get back, Band on the Run and so many others was just great. A nice moment is when he sang Here Today as a tribute to John and Something in tribute to George. Definitively the best concert I have ever been to.  Also, before the show a great tribute band, The Jukebox Beatles played outside the Coliseum as we waited for the doors to open.

The second one was in October 2016, Metallica coming back since they sold out for their first concert in Puerto Rico for the Death Magnetic tour. It was perfect because the concert had no album to support, so you knew that all the songs would be from their past albums, although Hardwire was a month away from release and was such a great album that I don’t think I would have minded if songs from the album were included. In the end, they sang two new songs that were great and the rest were the classics. Starting with Creeping Death and one of my favorites For whom the bells tolls. They played great, the stage was simple but it did not matter, the band was enough. To hear songs like Unforgiven, Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman. The highlight for me was One, that song sounds so good live. One song that is a cover but I liked a lot was Whiskey in the jar. They came with a lot of energy and I really enjoyed going to see them live.

Being in Puerto Rico, not all bands come here to perform so there are two bands that I have not seen that I would love to. Pearl Jam is one of my favorite bands and I have seen videos and heard live albums and they really put on a show, they would be a great band to see live. The other is Guns N Roses and especially now that Slash and Duff re-joined the band.

If someone wants to share their favorite concerts feel free to comment.

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