The Public (2018)

Directed Emilio Estevez

Starring Emilio Estevez, Alec Baldwin, Jenna Malone, Gabriela Union

I rented this film because I have enjoyed films with Emilio Estevez. Years ago he made what I thought was a good film in Bobby, in the 80’s he also directed and wrote Wisdom, both I don’t think were huge box office hits but I enjoyed them. I saw the trailer for this film and I decided to give it a look. 

The story is about Stuart Goodson, a librarian who allows homeless people to spend the day in the public library. The city has a shortage of shelters and the city is going through a cold front. The leader of the homeless group decides that they are not leaving the library, as if a protest to stay warm inside. On the outside, the district attorney treats it like a hostage situation and all problems start for Stuart. 

I thought the film was good, it had good moments and a good message about how the homeless matter. It was a little predictable, there were only two possible ways it could end, they could vary it a little bit, but still. 

The cast is the best part of the film. Alec Baldwin plays a negotiator who while all this went on he was looking for his missing son who was an addict. Christian Slater as a district attorney who wants to be mayor. It was good to see in film Jena Malone I remember for many films. Emilio Estevez who plays the title role. Those are great actors and they each do a great job in the film. 

In terms of recommending the film, I don’t know. It was not a bad film but is one of those that is a 50-50 chance to like it or not like it. It has a good story and good performances.   

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