It Chapter II

Directed by Andy Muschietti

Starring James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Bill Skarsgard

I have not read the book, but I like the premise of an entity that changes into whatever you are afraid of, hence the name It. When I saw chapter one, I liked it but still preferred the 90’s version.  But I like the story, I always feel like the clown is a side part of the story of the friends and that summer and that is the main reason I went to see chapter II. 

Here the story starts 27 years since the losers club defeated It. Mike Hanlon was the only one who stayed in Derry and when he realizes It has come back he calls everyone to return and fulfill the promise they made to return if It did. They have to once again remember everything because being away from Derry they all forgot. We get flashbacks as to how each one encountered Pennywise. 

This one was better than the first chapter. It was really similar to the 90’s version but this one was better because it added so much to the story. I still think the clown is a side show to what goes on with the characters. I liked that this movie felt like those old scary movies like Freddy, Jason and others in the sense that it relies on visual and monster to scare. But what makes It a great film is the story, Stephen King really wrote a good novel and has been very well brought to film, both versions are very good. I think that the 90’s version has things that I still prefer but this version in other things was better. 

 In terms of the performances. I still think of Tim Curry as the best Pennywise, he was scary without the aid of effects. This version of Pennywise is also good, he brought new things to the character and made it different,I liked his performance. James McAvoy is a great actor and gives a great performance. Bill Hader as Ritchie was really good and I think he really surprised me. I think the 90’s version impacted me a lot that some characters I still think of the actors that portrayed them then. But this group achieved the same effect. They took their bond even further and it worked!

What blew away, was the fight and the end with It. It was deeper and more suspenseful.  I really liked how it was done in the film. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it was really great how they did it this time. 

This is one of my favorite horror stories and I have to say that I liked this chapter and I found myself enjoying being scared once in a while in the film. I think Stephen King knows how to write scary novels with good stories. This is one of my favorites of the films based on his books. 

Comparisons are inevitable, but both version stand on their own and each is great in their own ways. I did not think I would like the film as much as I did. 

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