Montage of Heck (2015)

Directed by Brett Morgan

I am not a big Nirvana fan, although I do like their music. But the figure of Kirt Cobain in music history has its place and his influence on the industry is clear, his band basically finished the hair rock bands and took Michael Jackson off the number one spot in sales with their first album “Nevermind”. I always saw them and Pearl Jam as the two best bands of the so-called grunge or alternative rock genre. Sadly, on April 5, 1994, Cobain committed suicide. 

This documentary takes a look at a Cobain’s life since his childhood. We get a look at how his family life was and it is revealed that he was a happy kid until his parents divorced when he was 9 years old, he became withdrawn. We get to see how began forming the band and their rise to fame. We also get a heartbreaking look at Kirt and his daughter with home videos. 

I found the documentary sad, sometimes disturbing, but an honest look at his life. With interviews from those closest to him, we get the best picture of his life as we try to understand why he did what he did. The home videos are really shocking as we see him obviously under the effect of heroin, it was just really sad. What was lacking maybe was a deeper look at his music or his albums. I understand that the film was more about Cobain than the band itself, but still, that would have been great. The band is covered in the film, maybe I wanted to see more. 

It’s hard to say that I liked the film or enjoyed it, because Cobain did go through a lot, and he was a far from a perfect person, but none of us are. I just liked the fact that I got to understand more of him and it only left me sadder that he decided to end his life. The people loved him and his loss was felt.   

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