Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Running down a dream (2007)

Directed by  Peter Bogdanovich

A film that takes a look at the career of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It is a very comprehensive look at the band. I have to say that for me the best documentary about a band is The Beatles Anthology because they went into every aspect of the band in great detail and with a lot of unseen footage. This documentary follows that same principle and I think they achieve in going deep into the story of the band. 

Beginning at how they formed as young kids in Gainesville to reaching success. The documentary had a lot of things I did not know of the band making it really interesting. I mostly knew about the band from their success in 80’s but as the documentary showed they were a successful band in the 70’s also. I think the aid of MTV made them more successful than they already were. 

It features a lot of great footage of them rehearsing, even playing a festival they made on their own when they were called Mudcrutch. A lot of concert footage from different years. The film is a bit long, but if you are a fan of Petty and the band it is a good film and a very good way to know the story of this great band. 

A great film to have since Tom has passed and this films provides us interviews of him telling his story. 

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