Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell

It has been called Tarantino’s love letter to the movie industry of the 60’s as it was coming to an end. I have seen documentaries about the movie studios and how they made pictures at that time and it was really something different. A lot of things have said to change after that fateful day of August 9th1969, when that horrible crime happened. I was looking forward to this film mainly because it had two of my favorite actors in Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino, but also the story and how it all would tie in with Sharon Tate interested me. I knew it would be unique because of Tarantino’s style of making movies. 

The story follows Rick Dalton, an aging actor struggling to keep his career going and Cliff Booth who is his stunt double and close friend. They are both trying to stay in the movie industry, specially Dalton. Booth works more now as an assistant to Dalton as he works on television pilots for westerns. 

The movie really captured what I think or know about those times of the hippies and the movie industry still clinging to the way it was but at the same time moving forward. The story was very interesting and I liked how they included films within the films in a way paying tribute to films of that era. And a lot of pop culture was present in the film, from the music to Playboy Mansion parties to the hippies and the drug scene. The Sharon Tate part of the movie I think was handled very well, I think this paid tribute to her rather than sensationalize what happened to her. The scene where Sharon goes to watch herself in the movie theater was really nice to see the real Sharon Tate in the movie as Margot playing Sharon was seeing the movie. The music they used fitted perfectly in the movie and it was really cool as you saw scenes and try to recognize musicians or actors like Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas. I knew before going to see the movie, I knew it but it did not feel like it because I was really enjoying what I was seeing. 

The performances, a lot of great cameos, great actors kept popping up for short scenes but they were all great. Starting with who I think is the best actor of these times, Leonardo DiCaprio once again delivers an amazing performance as Dalton. Brad Pitt was also great and I think he deserves a Best Supporting Actor nomination and possibly wins, he was really at his best for this movie. It was a complete joy to see Al Pacino in a relevant movie again. He is truly one of the best actors ever and deserves good roles and with this film, he got one. Margot Robbie, I believe did a good job at representing the innocence and charisma of Sharon Tate, through pictures that I have seen of Sharon, Margot really looked like her and dressed like her. The Bruce Lee scenes, I did not find it offensive, the story is not 100 % accurate compared to the real events, I think the actor really nailed Bruce Lee. 

I recommend this movie, it is an original film, it is funny and has a lot of great performances. 

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