Overcomer (2019)

Directed by Alex Kendrick

Starring Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby

I have followed the movies made by the Kendrick brothers. I like Fireproof and Courageous the most because the message is more powerful and clear even for those that don’t believe or go to a church. I believe the Kendrick brothers saw in movies a good medium to spread the gospel and they have done an impressive job with their films. 

The film mainly focuses on two characters and the situations around them. John Harrison is the basketball coach at a Christian school who has its sight on the next season because he believes the team can win it all. When a plant that provides for a lot of the jobs closes the school and the team loses kids as their parents move due to finding jobs elsewhere. Harrison struggles with losing the team and having to coach a sport that he does not like, cross country runner. In a night where he went to visit someone in the hospital by accident he meets Thomas Hill and they form a friendship that would change them. The other character is Hannah Scott, a shy girl who just started in the school and she is the only cross-country runner that Harrison coaches. Her life also changes as she begins to understand who she is. 

The movie was beautiful, really touching and some elements caught me by surprise, so they did a good job at changing the formula a little bit. It is an uplifting story about the need we all have to know who we are and who better to tell us that our creator. The acting is getting better than he first film they did. The production has also improved from the first films. 

The film touches on themes of identity, what are the things we think that defines us, it also touches on forgiveness and redemption. In all honesty, these are things we all face, believers or not, in the end, the movies just preach that if you take a chance God might help in the process. I liked that the film showed people that were flawed and just relied on God to try to do what was right, God is not shown as a miracle maker only like other films I have seen. the obvious ones happen in non-Christian films so the film is only made better because of it. I think this film is better than “War Room”, the last film they made. 


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