The Last Sharknado (2019)

Starring Ian Zeiring. Tara Ried. 

I am almost embarrassed by this review, but I decided to do it anyway. Scy-fy and their shark movies are legendary, horrible effects and crazy stories that in the end, they are just fun. There are films like Sharktopus, Two-Headed shark attack and the list goes on. And part of their charm is that they use know actors from the past like Debbie Gibson and even the actor who played Steve Urkel appeared in one. But of all films, Sharknado has become a popular film that has 6 sequels and each crazier than the one before.  

This time our heroes go back in time to stop the first Sharknado, they go to different periods trying to stop the sharknado and not change the past.  In time traveling they altered things and unleashed sharknado through different periods of time. They even go to the wild west to fight the Sharknado. 

I have to laugh, the imagination on this film, the British using the shark to fight the Continental army of George Washington (played be SNL comedian Darrel Hammond) is just funny. I know this film aim is just to make people laugh and have fun and that they achieved. 

In terms of films of course it is a bad movie, the script is silly and the effects are bad, but I really believe this is their aim. What can I say, fear the sharknado. 

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