BH 90210 (2019)

There is a new trend to bring back old tv shows. There have been reboots of shows like Will and Grace, Full House and Boy meets world. The latest show to get a second life in Beverly Hills, 90210. 

The show started recently, there have only been two episodes but I have to say that I love the show. The concept is having the cast play some version of themselves as they get together again. 

I think it was a great idea because we get to see the original cast and other actors known of the show together again without ruining how they left the show. To force the story of how David and Donna (even though they did divorce them based on the new 90210 show that aired in the WB a few years ago) divorced or things like that, we get a completely new concept and storylines. When I think of Fuller House, I like the show but the concept is the same, Girl meets world was a great show and a huge fan of Boy meets world I loved that we got to see Shawn finally happy, but they forced the friendship aspect that was so natural in Boy meets world. So I like this idea and I have enjoyed the first two episodes. 

One sad part, of course, is the absence of Luke Perry, he is missed. 

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