Elvis – My favorite songs

This week is used to celebrate the life and music of Elvis Presley. I have become a huge fan of his, more in recent years as I recognize his showmanship and the great voice he had and the great performer he was. I have said before in my reviews of The Searcher that he had an ability to sing every song with soul and passion, as if he wrote the lyrics. I wanted to use the occasion of what this week sadly means to his fans and more to those who knew him and lived with him. I wanted to share my favorite songs in no order. 

  1. If I can dream – this song is one that always moves me, Elvis sang it right from the heart and you can’t help but share that dream, just like we do with Lennon’s imagine, this song touches that desire of a life of peace. 
  2. And the grass won’t pay no mind – This song I discovered on the If I can Dream: Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and just loved it. Written by Neil Diamond, this song is really beautiful and Elvis delivers a beautiful performance. 
  3. Always on my mind – I guess the fact that this song was recorded shortly after he separated from his wife influenced the performance of the song. Videos I have seen show the pain in Elvis and the performance definitely show a man who still loved his wife. 
  4. Where no man stands alone – I must include gospel songs on my list because based on what was said in the HBO documentary, Elvis loved gospel music. I like the version of this song where he sings with his daughter Lisa Marie. 
  5. Welcome to my world – This is one first I liked from Elvis, I must have heard it because my father or my mother had a DVD of the Hawaii concert. I really love the simple lyrics of the song and the feeling that Elvis adds to the song with his performance. 
  6. The Wonder of You – this is a special song to me, it is my mother’s favorite Elvis song, it is a beautiful love song and again Elvis delivery just enhanced the song to make it better. 
  7. Paralyzed – from his early recordings this is a good rock number, it is a fun song and I just like the words. 
  8. When my blue moon turns to gold – another early good rocking song from his second album. 
  9. Can’t help falling in love with you – I first heard the UB40 version for the Sliver movie in the ‘90’s. it is a beautiful song and perfect for Elvis to sing.
  10. All shook up – this is a catchy song that you can’t help to sing along to. 
  11. Viva Las Vegas – I just love the intensity in the song and the lyrics and how they include aspect of the Vegas life. 
  12. Don’t cry Daddy – the story of the song it’s what inclines towards this song, it is a sad song as we hear a father torn between his pain and the love for his kids as he knows they need him happy. Elvis plays that part to perfection with his voice. 
  13. Good time Charlie’s got the blues – the words on this one are very good and greate delivered by Elvis. 
  14. Jailhouse Rock, Don’t be Cruel, Hound dog, I want you, I need you, I love you – I am going to cheat on this one and include those songs together because they come from a period where he revolutionized music and are all great rock and roll numbers.
  15. You’ve lost that loving feeling – This is a powerful performance by Elvis the ending when he sings bring back that loving feeling Elvis sings it with so much force.

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