Elvis Presley

Elvis is a true icon that goes beyond music. He took rock and roll to new heights and The Beatles took over and changed everything. But the reality is they along with many others were inspired by Elvis. I wanted to do a blog on Elvis since this next August 16 will be the 42nd anniversary of his passing. A moment that every year takes his fans to Memphis to celebrate the man. 

My first introduction to Elvis was from my mother, she loved him and loved his movies and we use to see them with her sometimes even if all I did was make fun of them (I was young). Years later, I am the one purchasing his music and being a fan. What I love most is the fact that Elvis is a great performer that sings with so much passion and makes every song his own. 

He was born on January 8. 1935. His recording career started one day that he went to Sun Records to buy studio time and Sun Phillips heard him and liked him and continued to record with Elvis. In the ’50s and early ’60s, Elvis had most of his biggest hits. His first number one song was Heartbreak Hotel after that came consecutive number ones with the songs   I want you, I need you, I love you, Don’t be cruel, Hound dog. In 1956 he continued to have success with the songs Love me tender, Too much, All shook up and (Let me be) Your teddy bear. Before the Beatles singles dominated the music scene, Elvis, of course, made albums but at least to me, they are not as known as a complete work on themselves. I think The Beatles made albums the art-form they are today. In terms of songs, Elvis has a long list of great songs. Elvis 75 collection is a great album to buy it has a lot of the best songs from his entire career. 

Elvis loved making movies, so for the most part of the 1960’s he concentrated on making movies. Some of them were good, others just repeated a formula. Something Elvis got tired of and his hopes for getting better roles went unheard, the studios just wanted to repeat the same pictures. The songs he was getting for these films some were good but others were bad. In 1968 Elvis decided to go back to performing and made his return to music. The 68’ Comeback special was a huge moment and success for Elvis and from then on he continued performing and making music.  

Sadly on August 16, 1977, he passed away at his house leaving behind his daughter Lisa Marie. This is a good week to remember this great artist who gave so much through his music and his influence can’t be denied. There is a lot we could write about Elvis, and most are good. I highly recommend Documentary The Searcher is on DVD and on HBO.  

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