I love Vinyl!

I love music, I really enjoy every aspect of it, from the songs to package to the sound. I recognize the advantage of digital, in the sense that you take all your music with you wherever you go, something that could not be achieved before with cd’s or cassettes and of course with vinyl it would be even more difficult. 

I first started my return to vinyl when I became a fan of The Beatles and music from that time. the format of those times was vinyl so I was interested in collecting vinyl versions of their albums. This was made stronger while I went to the University, they had a library section for music and there they had vinyl and I listened to the first time The Beatles (white album) and it sounded so clear and amazing, from then on, I preferred vinyl. Is hard to describe but I just feel it sounds so much better than any new technology provides in terms of the sound. I used to love going to the library when I had time between classes and listen to vinyl albums from The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones and others. Years later I purchased a simple vinyl player and my father gave me some vinyl that he had and I loved listening to them. I started to search for vinyl on eBay and I got some that were out of print. 

As a fan of music, I love the way the covers look on vinyl, the pictures on the sleeves and the lyrics written on what cover the vinyl inside. That now is lost on digital because the cover is hardly seen and not all come with the digital booklet, and even those that do it is not the same, at least for me. 

Thankfully, vinyl has made a comeback and almost every new release a vinyl version is included, in a perfect situation, I would only add for the vinyl releases to include the digital download and that way at home you can hear the album and still have it on n iPod or your phone. 

I know that nostalgia is a big factor for the reality that vinyl sales has gone up every year. But for me it is the best way to listen to an album. 

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