The Beatles Abbey Road news!

So today it was finally announced that The Beatles last recorded album ( Let it be was released after but it was recorded before Abbey Road sessions). I am very excited most of all because the work Giles Martin has done on the Re-issues of Sgt. Pepper and the White Album was better than the 2009 remixes and the songs sound so great! I believe they should find the time to this treatment at least for Help!, Rubber Soul and Revolver even if the 50th anniversary for those albums passed.

What was announced, it will be available in a 4 disc super deluxe edition, with a hardcover book and 3 CDs and one audio blue ray. The first cd will be the remixed album, cd’s 2 and 3 will be full of studio out-takes. What I liked this time is that the vinyl version will include all 40 tracks, the other times it was just the remixed album and in the case of the White Album the Esther Demos only. The single version and double CDs and vinyl.

I’m hoping they will include the version of Here comes the sun with a guitar solo seen on a video with Giles and Dhani Harrison as they discovered it. Also, a version of Something with Lennon playing the piano, he played it during the recording but it was not included in the master but I have read that is sounded beautiful. This band is so amazing that sometimes the out-takes sound just as good as the released versions. For a video of the packaging click below!

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