Share (2019)

Directed by Pippa Bianco

Starring Rhianne Barreto, Charlie Plummer, J.C. Mackenzie

Based on a short film written by the director, she decided to turn it into a feature-length film. 

The story

The story is about Mandy, she attends a party and gets really drunk and can’t remember what happened that night until a video surfaces and she see how some boys might have taken advantage of her. When her parents see the videos, they go to the police and her life changes as most people at her school treat her bad. 

The Performances

The actors, at least for me, are mostly unknown actors. Rhianne is the main character and she gave a good performance in the role displaying the pain of what she was going through and the desperation of not knowing what happened. Some of the teenagers their performance was typical and stereotyped. 

My thoughts 

The film is hard to see because of the subject, it is just not right what happened to the character and the film explores that very well. What I found they did right was that we don’t get to see entirely what happens either, I compare it to the Hangover films where I literally felt just like the characters, lost and not knowing what they did. this film uses that strategy and in that it kept me interested to see if at the end we finally see what actually happened. The film takes a look at the dark side of technology as it is being used for bullying.

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