Boy erased (2018)

Directed by Joel Edgerton

Starring Rusell Crow, Nicole Kidman, Lucas Hedges, Flea

The movie is based on the life of Garrad Conley and his experience of going to conversion therapy. This is a sensitive subject and my goal really is to talk about the film. 

The story

Jared is the son of a Pastor who suddenly reveals that he is Gay. This causes confliction in his father and seeking counsel of other Pastors, he decides to send him to therapy. His mother stays silent but deep inside she does not feel is the right thing to do. Jared agrees to go to the place and there he encounters a horrible place with horrible methods trying to change those kids. 

The performances

Nicole Kidman is brilliant in the role of Nancy, Jared’s mother. She is basically this wife who goes along with what her husband says until in the end where she just decides that she loves his son and that is all that matters. Russell Crow is also very good as Jared’s father and Pastor of the church, he was able to show the confliction between his beliefs and the love he has for his son. Joel Edgerton who plays Victor Sykes the “counselor” reminded a bit of Louis Fletcher as nurse Ratchet on One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, he seems to believe in his methods but they are pure evil and you sense that in the performance. 

My thoughts on the film.

I will begin just talking about the film, the film is hard to see, the reality of what these kids go through in these places is horrible and no matter what your belief is what this film showed in those therapy sessions I just don’t believe is truly based on God. God changes through love, not fear or manipulation. The other theme I liked was shown through Nicole’s Kidman’s character when she tells her son that she loves God but she loves her son. In the end, you don’t have to agree with your kid’s choices, but you can still love them and pray for them if that is what your heart and beliefs tells you. I don’t believe hurting them or rejecting them is the answer, and that is what at the end his father realizes. He tells him he does not agree but that he does not want to lose him either. As I saw the film I was reminded of two films, one was One flew Over the cuckoo’s nest and Girl, Interrupted. It is an important film to see because no matter where you stand at this issue what these therapies do is just not right.

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