Louis and Clark: The new adventures of Superman 1993-1997

Starring Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Lane Smith, Justin Whalin, Jon Shea

I am currently watching and enjoying the Supergirl series and one thing I have found cool is the appearance of actors from the Louis and Clark series from the 1990’s. Dean Cain plays Supergirl’s earth father and Teri Hatcher plays the mother of Supergirl’s boyfriend. This page is about sharing all thing entertainment, whether current or from the past. Seeing this show reminded me of how much I enjoyed the 1990’s Superman series that aired on ABC. 

The story is of course based on the Superman comic books, what made this unique was that the focus was on Clark Kent and his relationships with those he worked on the Daily Planet and of course his relationship with Louis. They were brilliant in establishing a friendly rivalry at first that grew to friendship until they finally get together. The show lasted four seasons. 

The first episode is the introduction of Superman arriving at Metropolis and looking for a job in the Daily Planet, he struggles to find a way to help people without having people know about him and that is where the second identity of Superman is born. The first season the main villain is Lex Luthor, played very well by John Shea. I think the show found ways to have good stories for the villains that appeared on the show and Louis was more than just a woman needing rescuing, she was brave and always helped Superman in finding the villain. 

The cast made the show in my opinion. They all contributed and played very well off each other. Dean Cain captured the essence of Superman’s character. He had the charisma to play the lead character. Teri Hatcher was brilliant as Louis Lane, she was interesting and bold. Both of them had a great chemistry together and that was worked perfectly for the show. Lane Smith was funny as Perry White, Jimmy Olsen had two actors play him, both did a good job and I already praised John Shea as Luthor. There were many guest that played villains like Peter Boyle of Everybody Loves Raymond, Bruce Campbell, Tony Curtis, James Earl Jones among many others. 

The action in the show was balanced, just like Supergirl really, the effects were good for that time, if you comare it to now it is not going to look as good, but for the time and the fact that it was television, the effects were good. 

The show’s four seasons are available on DVD, it a good show from the past that if you like Supergirl you might also enjoy it. 


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