The Jukebox: Beatles tribute: Abbey Road concert

I believe with today’s technology, The Beatles would sound amazing. They were incredible musicians and no matter how good is Paul’s live band, they just don’t sound the same. Today the next best thing is tribute bands, they play the songs note for note as the Beatles did. I first saw The Jukebox when they played outside before Paul McCartney played in Puerto Rico and thought they sounded great. So when I heard about this concert I decided to go. 

The first set was the entire Abbey Road album. They sounded great. I was amazed at how they sounded with the song Because, a three vocal performance originally recorded with Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison on vocals. They were perfect really in sounding like they did in the album. Abbey Road is a great album and to hear it live was great, and with images of The beatles during the making of the album added a lot to the show. Here comes the sun almost brought me to tears, is such a beautiful song and they really rocked the medley. I loved the detail that the bass player was bare foot like Paul was on the cover! He also sang Oh Darling and it sounded really good. 

The second half of the show they went through The Beatles career in chronological order. I liked the song selection and What a show it was, I expected since they sang a whole album they would sing a few extra songs but they sang more than 20 songs in total. Because The Beatles have so many good songs it would be hard to please everyone with the song selection, but they chose good songs and the performance was really good. The setlist of the songs not from Abbey Road were:

She loves you

I want to hold your hand

All my loving

Roll over Beethoven

A Hard days night

Cant buy me love


This boy

Eight days a week

I feel fine


Day tripper

Drive my car

In my life


Got to get you into my life

I am the Walrus

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Penny lane

Back in the USSR

Dont let me down

Hey jude

Get back


Twist and shout

2 thoughts on “The Jukebox: Beatles tribute: Abbey Road concert

  1. I was there in the jukebox concert; ABBEY ROAD TRIBUTE, as for me the show was great and excellent, i don’t know if you see my “memorabilia” from the beatles that night, my name is Ivan Luis Pacheco, i exposed part of my Beatles stuff, more people enjoy the memorabilia & the show….


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