Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic

Today I wanted to laugh, and based on that I decided to dedicate a post to a man that has always made me laugh and his comedy is really simple and without being vulgar. He basically made his career making parodies of popular songs. He has a lasting career, sometimes even more than those he parodied. 

He was born on October 23th, 1959. He started by learning the accordion. He started to gather attention thought a radio show with Dr. Dementor as the host. The first parody that put him on the map was the song Another one rides the bus, a parody of Queen’s Another one bites the dust. 

In 1981 came the perfect venue for Weird Al to really become famous and that was the arrival of MTV. By making videos he could add visuals to the parodies and took him to another level. The other factor in his success was Michael Jackson. Two of Weird Al’s first big parodies was Eat it (parody of Beat it) and Fat (parody of Bad). 

I would just like to give you my favorite parodies he has made and hope you laugh with me

  1. Eat it – Food comedy, somehow it makes me laugh. The video for this one is so funny, taking familiar scenes from Jackson’s video and making it funny. Released on 1984. A lot of credit for Jackson for allowing the parody. Weird Al asked for permition first from the artist even if he did not have to. 
  2. Fat – some might be offended, but this one is funny and I am not thin and I laugh at myself. What makes it funny is the recreation of the Bad video and the bad guys teasing Michael changed to guys wanting weird al to eat. Released on 1988. 
  3. Amish Paradise – parody of Coolio’s Gangster paradise. 
  4. When I was your age – this one is no parody, it’s an original song recorded for the album Smells like Nirvana. I really find the lyrics funny as he describes how hard it was when he was a kid. 
  5. The White stuff – what can you say about a song about the creme in the Oreo cookies. A parody of the Right stuff by the New Kids on the Block. 
  6. You don’t love me anymore – another original, the funny thing is that the melody for this one is really nice, but the lyrics just make me laugh after all the things his girlfriend does and he still wonders if she loves him. 
  7. Another one rides the bus – one of his first, this accordion parody of Queen’s Another one bites the dust. 
  8. Taco Grande – a parody of Geraldo’s Rico Suave hearing Weird Al mix English with Spanish while singing about tacos and Mexican food is just funny. 
  9. Don’t download this song – another original song and poking fun on musicians against music downloads, singing that they won’t be able to buy fancy cars and swimming pools. 
  10.  White and Nerdy – one of the funniest of his parodies and the video is just hilarious. 
  11. Trigger happy – a Beach Boys style parody of a gun loving guy that shoots first and asks questions later. 
  12. One more minute – an original song about the lengths he would go just to avoid spending time with someone. 
  13. Living in the fridge – parody of Living on the edge by Aerosmith. 
  14. You’re pitiful – a parody of You’re beautiful. 

One thought on “Weird Al Yankovic

  1. I love Weird Al. I think his parodies are the best. It’s like you say, he can be funny in a non vulgar way. His lyrics are witty and his videos are the best. There is an art to his parodies.


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