Songwriters: My favorites – updated.

When it comes to music sometimes I don’t even care of the voice of the singer, if the songs he writes inspires me. For me it’s the real talent, to be able to write songs, they can be fun or they can have deep lyrics. My favorites are varied but I find a real poetry behind their songs. Some of them I know it is more craft than writing what they feel, but still, I admire the ability. 

  1. Lennon/McCartney – if you follow my blog, this one is obvious. Even though before them artist like Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry wrote their own songs, the Beatles made this a new “obligation” for an artist. I even heard Elvis say that this trend made it hard for him to find songs because writers would sing their owns songs. In The Beatles, both were equal and wrote beautiful songs. I believe Lennon was more creative and McCartney was a bit more standard, looking for the hits and he frequently found that no doubt. Lennon was always a more personal writer and deeper. As solo artists, they really went different ways. Lennon used his music for expression rather than hit-making, Paul achieved great success and kept writing hit songs. Both of them great songwriters. 

Some of my favorites 

  • Across the Universe Lennon
  • Strawberry fields forever Lennon
  • Help! Lennon/McCartney
  • Imagine Lennon
  • Jealous Guy Lennon
  • Let it be McCartney
  • Hey Jude McCartney
  • Yesterday – McCartney
  • Ever present Past – McCartney
  • Bob Dylan – My first three choices will be the obvious ones because I think I’ve said it before, but here I go. Dylan is a great poet and has written many classics from protest songs to poetic stories to Christian music. His influence is undeniable because he wrote songs about anything not just love songs like many in the era, and that opened the door for other artist to expand their songwriting’s. 

Some of my favorites

  • The times they are a changin’
  • Series of dreams
  • Mississipi 
  • Tangled up in blue
  • Paul Simon – he achieved fame while being a part of the duo Simon and Garfunkel, he was the writer of the songs and I think of Simon as a true poet. He could write pop songs but he also could write beautiful lyrics. I consider Bridge over troubled water to be one of the most beautiful songs written. And he has a unique musical style also, he does not stay in familiar territory. 

Some of my favorites

  • Bridge over troubles water
  • The Boxer
  • Sounds of silence
  • American Tune
  • Graceland
  • Bjorn Ulvaeus/Benny Andersson – I can’t really explain much except that their songs are really catchy and their love songs are beautiful. Maybe the movie Mamma Mia! Enhanced them a bit, but I have discovered that I like the melodies and the lyrics they write and the girls can sing!

Some of my favorites

  • My love My life – Original and movie versions
  • Dancing Queen
  • I’ve been waiting for you
  • Andante, Andante
  • The Winner takes it all
  • Eddie Vedder – A little more of my time as young dude in school. Pearl Jam was part of the Seatle grunge band invasion led by Nirvana. I always liked them better and it is because of Eddie Vedder’s voice and lyrics. 

Some of my favorites 

  • Release
  • Jeremy
  • Daughter
  • Wishlist
  • Come Back
  • Future Days
  •  George Harrison – the third main writer in The Beatles, at least after 1965, he is often overlooked because he was in the shadows of the great Lennon and McCartney, but his songwriting ability can’t be denied. He wrote heartfelt lyrics and lovely melodies. 

Some of my favorites

  • Here comes the sun
  • Anyroad
  • All things must pass
  • Isn’t it a pitty

7. Joan Manuel Serrat – A true poet, I think he just got the idea that if he added music to the poetry it would be better and he was right. He is truly a great writer and he writes in two languages.

Some of my favorites

  • Helena
  • Menuda
  • Poco antes de que den las 10
  • Mediterraneo
  • Palabras de amor

8. Bruce Springsteen – I have to add him to my list as I am slowly discovering his songs beyond the hits. Thanks to the film Blinded by the light I decided to go deeper into his music and found a true poet and a voice that spoke to me at this point in my life.

Some of my favorites

⁃ Born to run

⁃ Thunder Road

⁃ The River

⁃ Hungry Heart

⁃ Dancing in the dark

⁃ Born in the USA

9. James Hetfield/Metallica – I have to include the band because the music they all contribute, but the lyrics are all James Hetfield. I have to appreciate him as a songwriter and even though his lyrics are different from others in this list it does not make them less great.

Some of my favorites

⁃ The Unforgiven

⁃ For Whom the Bell tolls

⁃ Fade to Black

⁃ Hero of the day

⁃ One

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