Led Zeppelin top 20 songs

Yesterday I bought the album Into through the out door on vinyl. And I have been listening to it and thought about what songs I would choose as my favorites. This is one band where I like the most how the music is played than the lyrics, not that Robert Plant wrote bad lyrics on the contrary the lyrics are good. I just love the musicianship of Page, Bonham and John Paul Jones. But here goes my list:

20. I’m gonna crawl (Page, Plant and Jones) – from the album Into through the outer door. A fine example of the talent in this band, Jimmy Page guitar is haunting and beautiful, Jones bass and keyboard playing is excellent and Bonham is excellent in the drums, Robert Plant delivers a strong vocal performance. 

19. Achilles last stand (Page and Plant) from the album Presence. This is a true rocker led by the great drumming of John Bonham. I love how Plant writes lyrics that feel like epic stories of mythology. This to me is the one good song on the presence album. 

18. Since I’ve been loving you (Page, Bonham and Plant) from the album Led Zeppelin III. This song is an amazing performance by the band. The music fits so well the lyrics and Plant sings it with so much power and the guitar by Page is so great, really the whole band once again gel so perfectly. 

17. Immigrant song (Page, Plant) from the album Led Zeppelin III. I always liked the song, but now I hear it and just see Thor fighting in the opening scene of Ragnarok. 

16. Ten years gone (Page, Plant) from the album Physical Graffiti. The melody on this song is so beautiful and Plant wrote great lyrics for this song. I really like the guitar riff, love the bridge lyrics.

15. What is and what should be (Page, Plant) from the album Led Zeppelin II.  A bluesy number from their second album, this song along with Thank You showed the progression in Robert Plant lyrics. 

14. The rain song (Page and Plant) from the album Houses of the holy. This one I chose because the music is so beautiful. 

13. The Battle of Evermore (Page and Plant) from the album Led Zeppelin IV. I think song is based on The Lord of the rings. 

12. Misty Mountain Hop (page and Plant) from Led Zeppelin IV. I just love the music on this one, is really catchy. 

11. Bron-Yr-Aur (Jimmy Page) from the album Physical Graffitt. This is one of the most beautiful instrumentals songs that I have heard. It is a beautiful melody and masterfully played by Page. 

10. Fool in the rain (Page, Plant and Jones) from the In through the out door album. This is a different kind of song for the band, but they nailed it at least for me. I like performance and the simple lyrics of the songs. 

09. Heartbreaker (Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham) from Led Zeppelin II. I like the riff on this song. It is redundant almost to keep saying it, but the band just plays so well on this one. 

08. Thank You (Page and Plant) from the Led Zeppelin II album. beautiful lyrics and a beautiful melody. 

07. Over the hills and far away (Page and Plant) from the Houses of the holy. This song I love because of the bass and drums on the song. The whole song is good, but Jones and Bonham really played so well on this track.

06. Tangerine ( Jimmy Page) from Led Zeppelin II. This song I first heard it on the film Almost Famous and fell in love with it. 

05. All of my love (John Paul Jones and Robert Plant) from in through the outer door. This is one of the few songs where Page is not involved in the songwriting and it did good because it gave a different sound for the band. Written for Plant’s son who tragically died. The song is really beautiful and has heavy synthesizer and a good acoustic guitar solo in the background. 

04. In the light (Page, Plant and Jones) form Physical Graffiti. This song took me a while to get into it, but now it is one of my favorites. I love the lyrics and the guitar at the end is just so good. 

03. That’s the way (Page and Plant) This is a beautiful acoustic song, the lyrics are one of Plant’s best lyrics. 

02. Kashmir (Bonham, Page, and Plant) from the Physical Graffiti album. Plant says this is the band signature song and I think it is definitively an amazing work by the band. The riff is so strong and the performance is among their best and the lyrics are mysterious and so well sung by Plant. 

01 Stairway to Heaven (Page and Plant) from Led Zeppelin IV. I’m sure not a surprise, but this song is just so beautiful, the intro song and the way the song progresses the tempo of the song. The lyrics are very philosophical and even if Plant does not agree, this song has his best lyrics in my opinion.   

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