Western Stars – Bruce Springsteen

Produced by Ron Anielo

Bruce has been one artist who has managed to remain relevant for many decades, producing music with high quality and rocking in love concerts. I have heard the essential songs but have not heard many of his albums, in fact, this is my first album of his that I listened to. 

This album comes after his album and Broadway show. That project was Bruce singing his classic songs while talking about stories he shared on his biography Born to run (Wikipedia). This album was a surprise for me, it is a simple album, few instruments almost acoustic raging from different subjects. The album is really charming. The songs are melodic with great lyrics. The only thing I could say is that the pace of the album might leave loose the interest of some listeners. After the fifth track, I got a little tired and it took effort to finish the album, not that the songs were bad, I guess the songs are almost familiar in style and I got tired of listening. 

Hardcore Springsteen fan might disagree and I understand when you love an artist you just want to hear everything, but for me a casual fan I liked the album but the songs felt too similar. I liked the lyrics of the songs. It is a great album, I just don’t feel is an album I would listen to again, just a few songs at a time. 

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