Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)

Produced by Gus Dudgeon

The 70’s was known as the decade of the singer-songwriter period, and one of the biggest stars of the era was Elton John. The song-writing partnership of Elton John and Bernie Taupin is one of the most successful ever. This is truly a collaborative duo, Bernie supplies the lyrics and Elton the music and he sings the songs, and beyond a partnership they success lies in the fact that they are friends and have remain so in a career that has spanned many decades. I just purchased this album and I have to say it’s a good record. 

This is Elton’s 7thalbum and for it they had 22 songs written and ended using 18 of them. A double album at the time, now it is sold as one CD or one digital album. The album’s music is really different and goes between many genres of music and Elton is a good singer. I am a fan of his music but I tend to like more his early works ad this is my favorite album. 

The best tracks for me are:

  • Candle in the wind – this is a beautiful song, a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. It is touching tribute for an artist that certainly died too young. The songs just take the perspective of this fan who was just a kid to really have known her. I just love the lyrics on this one, how described the unfairness of how she was treated or viewed by the world, and ending saying that her candle burned out but her legend never did. 
  • Bennie and the jets – This is a cool number, the music is funky and the lyrics are just great to sing along. 
  • Goodbye yellow brick road – This song was Bernie frustrated with the music business and with the song he expresses his desire to go back to a simpler time. I think true artist don’t look for the glamour of being rock stars, they just wish to share the music and live their lives. I like how Bernie says that he knows he won’t be missed because there plenty like him around. Beautiful melody by Elton. In all honesty Elton had the ability to really connect with the lyric and provide the correct music. 
  • Grey Seal – I like the music for this one and Elton’s performance of it. 
  • Roy Rogers – This is my favorite from the album. I just like the nostalgia of remembering that tv show you watched when you were a kid, and would go on adventures with your hero. Roy Rogers was an actor that made western movies. The song is this kid in preparation to go and watch his favorite hero ride again. Again the perfect combination of melody and words. I love it!

The whole album is really good and remains one of my favorites albums of Elton John. 

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