History of Eric Clapton (1972)

Various Producers

Songs performed by Eric Clapton, Blind Faith, The Yarbirds, Derek and the Dominos. 

I bought this vinyl just to have Layla. I admit that I had not spent time listening to Eric Clapton’s work of the 60’s and 70’s, although I knew of the bands he has been in, I am more familiar with his work in the 90’s and forward. This LP has been a great opportunity to listen to Clapton’s early work and I’m glad I did. 

The LP covers Clapton from 1964 to 1972, times where he was part of bands like Cream, The Yardbirds, Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominos. Clapton began in The Yardbirds but left the band in 1965 when they changed from being a blues-oriented band to a more pop sound (Wikipedia, 2019). Replacing him in the band was Jeff Beck and later Jimmy Page was part of the group also. After briefly joining the John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, he then joined Cream. Cream was very successful and gained Clapton notoriety for his guitar playing, but the band had their problems and the broke up on 1968. Blind Faith came next and lasted just one album. His last band was Derek and the Dominos, another band that achieved success but did not last long. This is the era on which the LP drew the songs. It is a strange compilation in the sense that it is focused on Eric Clapton but he does not sing or wrote all or most of the songs. It does highlight the amazing talent he is on the guitar. I found myself enjoying the album. 

The songs that I liked the most from those included are: 

  • Tribute to Elmore a song written by Clapton and Jimmy page is a great instrumental with just these two great guitarists. 
  • Tell the truth is a song written by Clapton and Bobby Whitlock, a rocking number performed by Derek and the Dominos.
  • Layla is my favorite from the album and from Eric Clapton. I just like the dual feel of the song, the first section is raw and you can feel the anguish of the writer by not being able to be with this woman he loves and the second part the music turns slow and mellow almost displaying the sadness that he also feels, is an amazing song. 
  • Badge a song written by Clapton with George Harrison performed by Cream with Harrison on rhythm guitar. 
  • Sea of joy a song written by Steve Winwood and performed by Blind Faith.
  • Sunshine of your love a song written by Clapton, Jack Bruce and Peter Brown and performed by Cream.

I think the compilation is no longer made, but you might be able to find it used on eBay or Amazon. The LP includes an essay by Jean-Charles Costa that provides a inside look at Clapton’s career and music. 


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