Spider-Man films ranked.

I would like to get my point of view, I have read articles and people commenting where would Far from Home rank among the Spider-Man films. I am a big Spider-Man fan and I really just enjoyed the comics and the cartoons and the movies. I can’t include his appearances in Civil War and Avengers because he just appeared in a few scenes and is not his films. One thing I believe they have always gotten write is the casting of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I like all three actors that have played the character, for Andrew though, he had bad luck in terms of the production team and writers they had. So here in order of the least I liked to the most I liked of the Spider-Man films.

8. Into the Spider-Verse – this is where I might get all the hate comments but here it goes. I am of the few who did not like this movie. I liked the style of the movie and the animation but the story and the Spider-pig just did not do it for me. I like the Miles story better in the Spider-Man ps4 game. I tried to get into it but could not, I went to see it twice but for me, the result was the same. I did not put it last because the other ones before had more flaws than this one or maybe a little of peer pressure. I guess I grew tired of Miles character. Like I said the Miles story was better for me in the game than in the film.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – this is a hard one for me because I love the Gwen Stacy storyline. It is one of my favorite stories from the comics, and Sam Raimi used things from it but of course did not kill MJ at the end like Gwen Stacy died in the story. I left the movie theater loving the film, but now when I see it I can’t ignore all the things that just were bad in the film. The good in the film, Andrew and Emma were so good together and the scene when Gwen falls was really emotional and they were good in that, but I’m afraid that is it. the one thing I hated since the first day I saw it was Harry Osbourne. The actor was bad and the style of the character was bad and the fact that they just skipped Norman being the Green Goblin first never worked for me. Electro was cool in the special effects but the character was not written well, he just felt like Jim Carrey’s version of the Riddler. The worst was Rhyno, I love Paul Giamatti, he is a great actor, but the costume was really bad.

6. Spider-Man 3 – What went wrong with this one? I don’t know. The first two Spider-man films were really good. This is another one that as a fan I just told myself that I liked it because its Spidey. But years later and being honest I have to say it was bad. I think they feared it would have been the last one and the forced too much. The first one is Venom, man they really ruined it. I don’t mind Topher Grace but Venom should have been the main villain not a secondary and for the last part of the movie. The acting, for some reason, was really bad, I think Tobey, Kirsten and James were not really into it because they are all good actors. The script had a lot of flaws too and I know the black suit brought the dark side of Peter but the way they went with it was bad. The one good thing was Sandman, the effects and his story-line was good. The black suite looked great but again the story they went for did not work.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man – the one mistake I think this film did was go into the origin again, I understand they wanted to re-start the series and go a different direction, but to waste half the film on the origin to me was not a good idea. They tried to go deeper into who Peter Parker’s parents were and why they disappeared and that was the different spin from the other films. The film had good performances and I liked the Lizard and the story and again, Andrew and Emma just carried this film with their chemistry.

4. Spider-man Homecoming – I had high hopes for this one and although it was a good film, it did not meet my expectations. I liked Tom Holland as Spider-Man, some of the changes took a while to get used to, like a young May and MJ not having her hair red, but, in the end, that did not ruin the film. I understand the MCU concept of uniting all the films but the constant presence of Tony bothered me a bit, they reduced Spider-man to a kid trying just to impress Tony Stark. Spider-Man was unique in the comics because he was a teenager that learned to be a hero without a mentor. Even though I love Iron Man and Robert Downy Jr. I just wanted more a Spider-Man film. the young May I liked and the fact that she finds out who Peter was also I think it was a good idea. It was a good entry into the MCU, but I hope they develop the million of great stories that Spider-Man has in his great history.

3. Spider-man (2002) – This film was one I waited for many years, to finally see Spider-Man in a movie was so great and more so because the movie had a great story and was good overall. I wished the Goblin costume was better, but it was better than having him in a green spandex. The casting was surprising but they all were good. They were more faithful to the comic in terms of appearance. J. Jonah Jameson looked and felt just like the comics, so did the rest of the cast. The movie was really big with critics and commercially.

2. Spider-Man: Far from home – After the not so great Amazing Spider-Man films finally this one gave Spidey fans a movie to cheer about. I was so excited since the previews and it did not disappoint. I liked Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Mysterio and since this movie is recent I will refrain from giving details other than the movie had awesome actions scenes and it was funny and the story was good. 

1.Spider-Man 2 (2004) – This movie is almost perfect. The story was based on a comic story I remembered reading where Spider-man was losing his powers. Presenting the storyline where Peter just wants MJ and a normal life but, in the end, understands his responsibility was a great story. Just like Emma and Andrew, I liked Kirsten and Tobey’s chemistry in the film and their story was very well done. Alfred Molina was so good as Doc Ock and made for such a good villain. The fight sequences are amazing especially the one in the train. 

I have high hopes for the future of Spider-Man in the MCU, I really hope they go into stories like Kraven’s last hunt and see a good movie version of Venom, and no the Venom film for me does not count, Tom Hardy was good in the role, but the movie just did not work for me because venom exists because his hate for Spider-Man and that was not in the film. 

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