Masked and Anonymous (2003)

Directed by Larry Charles

Starring Bob Dylan, Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Luke Wilson.

This is one those movies that you just see for two reason curiosity and to see all the big-name actors that make appearances. I remember seeing this film and just saw it recently again. As an art film I kind of enjoyed it, as a great film, well no. 

The film is set on an apocalyptic time, and a special benefit concert is being organized. The main attraction is Jack Fate, bailed out of prison to perform in the concert. There are many characters that surround Jack and they are all used as a social commentary of some kind. It is one of those movies that is hard to say exactly what are they about. You can say that it’s a look at politics and the different agendas and sides. The film does make a point that Dylan has always tried to make clear, he is just a singer he can’t solve anything, taking a shot at those that to much hope in artists. 

The good in the film is the performances. Jessica Lange plays the concert organizer and John Goodman plays Jack’s manager trying to bring his career back. Jeff Bridges plays a reporter with an agenda against Jack and he travels with Penelope Cruz. The other actor with a central character is Luke Wilson. There are a lot of actors who act in scene, but they were interesting and very good. Val Kilmer as Animal Wrangler who criticizes humans and how they treat animals, including places like Sea World. Christian Slater as a crew member and he delivers one of the funniest lines I have heard on screen, as he wonders why all the racism when they are only two type of people, bosses and workers. Bob Dylan seems like he just played himself, as a musician more than an actor he was effective in the role. I did not know he co-wrote the film. 

The feel of the movie is very Mad Max like, the world all gone wrong and people coming to terms with the reality of government and the state of the world. The music could have been better especially when having Dylan in the film, I liked the version of the song I remember you. The movie sometimes makes little sense really, but the performances of the actors were good. But after a while the film just feels too long and lost my interest.

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