Toy Story 4 (2019)

Directed by Josh Cooly

Starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Keanu Reeves, Joan Cusak

Is hard to believe that the first Toy Story film was in 1995. The first film to be completely computer animated and it was a huge success. Starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen the film was so amazing, how they took us into the world of a toy. The story was moving and funny and the same can be said about the sequels.  

This time around the toys have a new kid that they bring happiness and joy. When she gets home from school Woody introduces the rest of the toys to a toy the girl made, a fork she added eyes, arms, and feet. As the family goes on vacation, Woody keeps an eye on Forky because he believes he is not a toy and wants to go to the garbage.

The one critic I can make about the film is that the concept by now feels repeated. The concept of Woody being separated and the other toys going after him. But it works, the film is fun and contains the same charm the series is known for. They always manage to bring a good story and fun for kids and adults. It is no wonder that this franchise is so successful. The ending was sad in many ways but I won’t go into that to avoid spoilers.

I saw it dubbed in Spanish so the voices did not come from the actors and that to me takes away something from the film, so I will try to see it again. I liked the movie but not as much as I have liked the past films.

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