Yesterday (2019)

Directed Danny Boyle

Starring Himesh Patel, Lily James, Ed Sheeran, Kate McKinnon. 

A world without The Beatles, hard to imagine. I always say, you might not like them, but no one can deny the impact The Beatles had music and the culture. In eight years, they produced so many great songs and albums. 

When it comes to movies, films made related to the Beatles have not been very good or at least to the standard of the band. Across the Universe was awful, I hated it. I am Sam was good but the relation it had with The Beatles was that Sean Penn’s character is a fan of the band. There is one movie called I want to hold your hand that never caught my attention. This film had me hopeful when I saw the trailer. 

The story is about Jack Malik a struggling musician who has an accident at a moment where the whole world’s electricity goes down. When he wakes up he finds that he is the only one that remembers who The Beatles were. He decides to use their songs to gain recognition and becomes a huge star but loses himself and Ellie in the process. 

I liked the story a lot. I think the concept was very good and they did a good job at it. I think they avoided going to obvious places with the story. There were a few moments when I thought a certain thing was going to happen and it went the other way and that I liked. There was a moment that I thought was brilliant but it made me emotional. Later on, I might write it or comment about it, but in the spirit of no spoilers, I will reveal it later.  It was funny and sweet and the music, well, it’s The Beatles. It was a nice comedy-romantic movie, it was a completely feel good movie, just like the music of The Beatles. 

I had seen any movie or tv show with Himesh Patel, but I liked his performance in the movie. He was really funny and performed the songs well. He did a good job on this being his first feature film. Lily James was so charming in her performance. I liked her work on the Mamma Mia! Here we go again movie, and in this film, I can say I loved her performance. Both Patel and James had good chemistry in the film and their relationship felt believable. Kate McKinnon was so funny in this movie, finally I see her in a movie where she can use her talents in a good film. The Spy who killed me was a horrible movie in my opinion, but her work on Saturday Night Live is enough proof of McKinnon’s talent and ability to make you laugh. She is just too funny as Jack’s manager. 

I recommend the movie, it is a simple story but the movie was funny and it had good characters.

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