Batman vs the Teenage mutant ninja turtles (2019)

Directed Jake Castorena

I have seen a few of the Batman animated movies and I have to say some are very good. The first one I saw was Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. That movie was really good, it was in the style of the animated series that aired on Fox. It was a very good story and the animation was very good. The other that I saw was Under the red hood and it was also a good film. The last one I saw was The Killing Joke and that one was very good. I think out of curiosity more than anything else I decided to see this one. 

The story unites the enemies of the ninja turtles with the enemies of Batman. The turtles go to Gotham to stop Shredder and the Foot clan that are working with Ra’s Al Ghul to destroy Gotham. As Batman and the turtles discover they are fighting for the same side they decide to work together.  I don’t remember liking films where they unite famous characters and make a film, except Freddy vs Jason. 

I thought it was interesting the fact that Shredder would work with Ras and other villains in the Batman universe. But the movie failed to really grab my interest almost right from the start. The animation was not really good, the turtles looked bad, and even though they used the known characteristic of the turtles, I found them annoying. I think this film maybe would have been better with a more serious tone. It had action right from the start but the dialogue was silly and that surprised me for a pg-13 movie where they could have taken the turtles particularly on a different direction. I understand and I like the personalities of the turtles since the original cartoons, but in this film for me it did work the way they did it. 

I will say this I loved that the climactic battle they made Batman fight the Shredder and Leonardo fought Ra’s Al Ghul, the fact that they switched villains was a good idea. I think the movie could have been better if they took away the forced jokes of some of the characters. They could have been better dialogue without losing the essence of the characters. And having Batman yell Cowabunga, I don’t know. Also, I think the title is misleading because it does not take time for them to start working together they fight once and just like that they start working together.

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