The Beatles: my favorite 25 songs

It is extremely hard to pick from so many great songs The Beatles recorded in just eight years since 1962 until 1970. They changed music and had a lot influence on the culture at that time. The main thing for me is the music, today you have acts that are successful and the girls scream every time they appear somewhere and the comparison is inevitable, just like The Beatles, they say. One huge difference, The Beatles music was better than the hype and has lasted as the best music for many decades. Trying to pick my favorites songs is easy and hard at the same time but here I go. I will say that really the order only matters in the top 5. 

25. It’s all too much. This song was composed by George Harrison during the period of Sgt. Pepper in 1967. Because the film Yellow Submarine was based on the period of Pepper, The Beatles just told them to use the songs released on the album and they added 4 songs. Of the four two were already recorded on the Pepper sessions but were left out. I think it served the song better because under the light of the film the song fits perfectly with the sound and the orchestration towards the end of the song. 

24. Real Love. This was the second song recorded by the three remaining Beatles for the Anthology documentary and albums. It was a song Lennon made various demos but never released it officially. The Beatles added instruments and backing vocals. The song is a beautiful composition by Lennon, but showing the magic they had when they played together. The song is enhanced by the harmony vocals of Paul and George. George’s guitar work is beautiful in this song. The music video was so moving as they edited the new sessions with old images of John in the studio making it seem they were there together. Sadly, John could not be there. I just love the coda at the end where the just repeat Real Love while George provides a beautiful guitar solo in the background. 

23. Ob-la-di Ob-la-da. This a Paul composition released on the White album in 1968. It Is a fun song and the band just sounds so good, especially Lennon on the piano. 

22. Sexy Sadie. Also, from the White album, it is a song written by Lennon inspired by his disappointment in the Maharishi as he was accused of making sexual advance to Mia Farrow in the meditation retreat they went. At the request of George, Lennon changed the title from Maharishi to Sexy Sadie. The lyric composition is simple, what I love of the song is the guitars at the end of the song, 

21.I’ll cry instead. Released on A hard day’s night, this is a fun song written by Lennon. I just like the words. 

20. You’ve got to hide your love away. An acoustic number, written by Lennon. The words are pure poetry and the melody and the performance is great. The song is featured on the film Help! and on the soundtrack album. This is a song that showed the new direction they were heading with what songs they were writing. 

19. I’m looking through you. Released on Rubber Soul and written by Paul, this is a nice little song and features some of Paul’s best lyric, I just love the bridge where he says love is good at disappearing overnight.

18. In my life. Also, from Rubber Soul and written by Lennon and McCartney. This is one of the most beautiful songs they recorded. Lennon had it as a poem and together with Paul worked the melody. 

17. Something. Written by George Harrison and considered one of the most beautiful songs The Beatles recorded. the song features perfect contribution by the band memebers. Paul bass is simply beautiful and George really was amazing with the guitar.

16. For no one. This is one of my favorite ballads recorded by the Beatles. Written by Paul, the lyrics are so beautiful and the orchestrations on it.

15. Dear Prudence. This is a beautiful song written by Lennon for Mia Farrow’s sister who rarely came out of her room while they were in the retreat. That is why Lennon is saying in the song that it’s a beautiful day and invites her to come out to play. Part of what I love about the White Album was the harmonies and how they played more like a band despite what many say. This song features great bass by Paul and beautiful guitars by Lennon and Harrison. 

14. I’ll follow the sun. Written by McCartney for Beatles for sale. It is a beautiful love song, simple with a beautiful melody. 

13. Baby’s in Black. Written by Lennon and McCartney, this is a great song with a great performance by the band and great vocals by John and Paul. 

12.While my Guitar Gently Weeps. Written by Harrison, this was the song I think that made it official, George could write great songs. I love George’s songs from before, but this one has great lyrics and The Beatles each played great on it, including the help from George’s friend Eric Clapton on lead guitar.

11. Free as a Bird. Written by Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr, this was their first single featuring a new song since 1970. The demo was given to Paul by Yoko Ono so that The Beatles could once again play music with John. They wanted to do new music for the Anthology project but they all felt they could only do it if John was there, so using this demo the complement Lennon and ended up with a new Beatle song. And the result is chilling, George’s slide guitar, Paul’s bass, and Ringo’s drums were just perfect. The song was incomplete so Harrison and McCartney added lyrics and because of that, it felt like a true Beatle track. 

10. All You Need is Love. Written by Lennon, the song was performed in the first live satellite event called Our world, where an act would represent each country, for England it was The Beatles that represented them and they performed this song. It was a perfect choice because of the important message in the song, I still believe all you need is love. 

09. Ticket to Ride. Written by Lennon for the Help! film. love the guitars and the lyrics. 

08. Blackbird. Written by Paul, this is one of his most beautiful songs, an acoustic number with a beautiful melody.

07. I want to hold your hand. The song that really started the British Invasion in America. Written by Lennon and McCartney. 

06. Here comes the sun. Written by George Harrison for the Abbey Road album. I know many will pick Something as his best song, but while I love Something, for me Here comes the sun is a better song. The lyrics and the melody are just so beautiful and the performance by the band is perfect. For me, this is my highest of the Harrison written songs, even though Something is a beautiful song. 

05. Yesterday. What can be said about this song. It is the most covered song ever. Written by Paul, the lyrics are just so beautiful yet so simple and the recording of just Paul and a string quartet. 

04. Let it be. This song is special to me. I was drawn to the song because of George’s guitar solo on the album version. This was the first Beatles song that I liked. Then after listening to the words, I think it is such a beautiful song of comfort and hope that really touches me. 

03. Across the Universe. Written by Lennon and with a long history of recordings made, it was worked on the Let it be album because they were seen rehearsing the song for the film. It is a beautiful composition and the music is beautiful. There a various version, the version I like best is the album version. 

02. Hey Jude. Written by Paul, the song first verses were written with Julian Lennon on mind as his parents were getting divorced. The song is truly epic. I just love the lyrics so much and the fact that at the end you can sing as loud as you want the “nan a nana Hey Jude”, it really lifts you up a bit. 

01. Strawberry Fields forever. This song is my favorite because I can relate to the lyrics, its John at his best and The Beatles performance and instrumentations in the song were inventive. But the essence of the song is there. 

I know that I did not include many of the songs that were singles, I really love the obscure songs, the album tracks, although I love songs like From me to you, She loves you and others. 

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