Mr. Iglesias (2019)

Created by Kevin Hench for Netflix.

Starring Gabriel Iglesias, Oscar Nuñez, Sherri Shepherd, Maggie Geha

This is a new Netflix original that is based on the comedic style of Gabriel Iglesias. Gabriel Iglesias is a Stand-up comedian. I saw one of his specials and thought he was funny, he could make you laugh with his stories and I did not find that he was vulgar or contained too matured themed jokes, he is edgy but yet watchable. As I read about him, I found that he has provided voice to characters in many animated films like The Star, Ferdinand and others. 

About the show, Iglesias plays a teacher that wants to inspire his students to be all they can be. He teaches the kids that are not the smartest kids at the school, but he manages to get the best out of them and they learn to believe more in themselves. The show is how he takes the challenge of fighting for these kids and gets them to be better students. The show has other main characters, principal Paula Madison is a fun lovable character that helps her teachers and cares for the school. The punchline character is Carlos Hernandez, he is an assistant vice principal or at least second in command and his style clashes with a lot of the teachers, but he is the one most of the jokes comes from. Tony is Iglesias best friend and a fellow teacher, and Abigail is the new teacher in the school. Christopher McDonald plays coach Dixon, a bit crazy football coach and Richard Grant is Mr. Howard, the veteran teacher, he knew Iglesias when he was a student at the school.

Season 1 was released on Friday, June 21, 2019, on Netflix. Because I knew Gabriel Iglesias I decided to give the show a chance. I will be honest the first episode I was not that into the show. I thought it was to cliché in some things. The students had most of what every show has ever had, but this is expected so it is not necessarily a bad criticism, and I thought some characters felt too forced. What really hooked me to the show were the stories, they were good and Iglesias was funny as well as the other teachers and Oscar as Carlos. The students grew up on me and they felt better as episodes progressed and became less of stereotyped characters. With each episode the characters became more unique. I liked of the students Marisol and Mikey, the fact that Mikey had an obvious crush on Marisol was funny. I think the kids grow up on you with each episode, they did a good job.

The show is family friendly and more on the scale of a Full House show, there are very few edgy jokes and sometimes Iglesias uses words that are considered bad in Spanish, maybe that is why it gets a TV-14 rating and maybe because Iglesias plays a recovering alcoholic and is going to AAA meetings. I recommend it, it is a fun show where you will laugh, let’s see what season two brings.

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