Led Zeppelin

I obviously knew of this band because of the song Stairway to Heaven, but I really got into their music just recently. Besides The Beatles, this is the only other band where I can say that every member is essential and added unique parts to their sound. Jimmy Page was the lead guitarist and songwriter, and he produced the albums they made. Robert Plant was the band lead vocalist and main lyricist of the songs, John Paul Jones was a true musician that could play bass, keyboards and make musical arrangements. John Bonham was an amazing drummer and contributed so much to their sound. A good band is one where the sum of their parts makes the band great. You take away one member and it would not be the same. 

The bands beginning can be traced to the band The Yardbirds that included members like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. When the Yardbirds band members started to leave, Page started to look for people to form a new band. That is when Plant joined and suggested Bonham and John Paul Jones responded to an ad for a bass player. Their first album was called Led Zeppelin and it was released in 1969. The album contains the classic songs Good Times Bad Times, Dazed and confused and Communication Breakdown. The album was a success, a mix of heavy rock with blues. The album has a few covers and some original material. Dazed and confused was recorded in a way that you feel both dazed and confused. Also, in 1969, they released their second album. it was similar to the first album. My favorite songs from that album are “Thank You”, “What is and what should never be”, and Heartbreaker. 

Led Zeppelin III was a very different album for the band, the songs were not as heavy as their previous albums. It featured a few acoustic tracks. This is the first album that liked from the first song to the last. It contains two of my favorite songs from the band. Tangerine is such a simple but beautiful song. That’s the way is the other song that is in this album that it’s one their best songs in my opinion. The album opens with the Immigrant song and now I hear it and think of the movie Thor as it was used in Thor Ragnarok film. 

The album that really cemented their place in music is Led Zeppelin IV. The album showed the band at their best. The album has only eight songs but each one is a gem. The album has the hard-hitting songs Rock and Roll and Black dog, then it goes to the world of Lord of the rings with the song inspired by the book Battle of Evermore. The fourth track would go on to be their most known songs, and their best one. Stairway to Heaven is unique in its musical structure, it starts at a slow tempo with Jones playing the keyboard, Page the guitar and Pant singing great vocals. The song’s tempo keeps slowly rising until we reach the rock climax at the end. Next, they released Houses of the Holy with classic songs like The song remains the same, Over the hills and far away, The rain song and No Quarter. Then they released their double album, Physical Graffiti. I could argue that this is their best album, it has a lot of good songs and the band’s playing is so good. Featuring the song Kashmir, the song that Plant believes is their best song, and I can’t argue with him, the song has something magical, the guitar riff and the lyrics make this song unique and the performance of the band was perfect. The album really has some of their best songs. 

The band would release two more albums of new materials, Coda featured unreleased songs from past albums. The album Presence is their only album where I really did not like most of the songs, they had good songs in them but compared to their past records. The last album In through the outdoor is really a different album, Page has said that because of his addiction he was not as involved in the writing and resulted in a different record, it was not as heavy as the other albums. 

Sadly, the band would break up after the death of their drummer John Bonham on 1980. The band took the same attitude The Beatles took in that they would not find replacements for their members. I admire that because the easy thing is to replace and there would be nothing wrong with that, but they just knew they would not the same. But for one night only, the band reunited for a concert in London on 2012. It was special because Jason Bonham, John Bonham’s son, played the drums with the band. After that, fans and even Page and John Paul Jones were willing to do a tour, but Plant refuses, he has his reasons, as a fan I would love to see them live. We never know it might happen it might not, the fact is that for me Led Zeppelin is the second greatest band behind The Beatles. 


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