Silver linings Playbook (2012)

Directed by David O Russell

Starring Bradly Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro. 

I know I’m going back a few years but I was watching the film today for the first time is a while, I write about in case someone has not seen it. 

The story is about Patrick, he is being released from a mental hospital. He was an undiagnosed bipolar and had a violent incident when he discovered his wife having an affair. He goes back to live with his parents and he struggles with coping and his obsession on getting back together with his wife. In the process he meets Tiffani a weird friendship begins, she promises to give a letter to his ex-wife and he would participate in a dance contest with her.  

The story written by David O Russel is such a compelling look at how broken people can be and how they cope with it. And how in the most unlikely places people find the silver lining. The characters are all unique and so well written. There is almost nothing wrong with the movie, I like the balance between the comedy and the drama, in a way because the go together, it is not forced is based on the way these characters are. 

This is an amazing performance by Bradly Cooper. He is able to portray Pat and his challenges so well; his outbursts and reactions seem so natural. I think he was able to portray the character without seeming to over the top with his performance.  I think he deserved the Oscar for Best Actor, but Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln was an amazing performance too. Jennifer Lawrence did win for Best Actress for her role as Tiffani. The whole cast was very good, of course, Robert De Niro was also great as Pat’s father. Chris Tucker had a small role but he was good in it also.

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