Child’s Play (2019)

Directed by Lars Klevberg

Starring Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Mark Hamill

I consider Chucky as part of the horror characters that I grew up seeing the films, along with Jason, Freddy and Michael. The first one was really scary and from then on Chucky films were more funny than scary, at least for me. 

This is a remake and a re-boot of the franchise. The basic story is the same. A single mother with her son that is a loner and has no friends. His mother buys him a Good Guy doll or in this film a Buddi, a doll that is advertised as a kid’s best friend. What changes is that in the original was a criminal’s soul trapped in the doll trying to use Andy’s body. In this film they do it in a different way. 

I understand that they made changes, it gives another take on the story, I just did not like the fatal attraction angle they went for, that if he could not play with Andy, no one could, I liked it better when its Chucky needed Andy in order to change bodies. The doll itself looked creepy but not better than the original doll. But overall it was a good movie, I can’t say it was scary, the scary moments were a bit predictable. But in the spirit of the other films, it was enjoyable.  The other change made to the story I think it could have been inspired with the success of the movie It, because in this version Andy has a group of friends that go and help him battle Chucky, that change I did not mind. In fact, I liked that it was not a little kid like the original, it made the story interesting to have an older Andy. The detective in the first film was more edgy and had a better role than the detective in this film, he was likable, but had little presence in the movie. 

Mark Hamill was great as the voice of Chucky, but the voice of Chucky in the originals films is so recognizable that it was hard not hearing that familiar voice played by Brad Dourif, but Hamill was very good as the voice. I think Hamill had less to bring because of how this version of Chucky was made, in the other he was really alive and he just talked like a normal person would.

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