Oasis: Supersonic (2016)

Directed by Matt Whitecross

Starring interviews with Oasis and those close to them. 

I was a fan of Oasis, but I always felt they were copy cats of The Beatles. I even remember telling a friend at one point, Liam is looking like Lennon during the help period. But that aside, they made good music, but when the real priority is not the music, bands fall apart faster. They are not the first band to break up, but just like they rose to fame they fell and a lot had to with their attitude and this film for me just confirms it. and it is sad because they made good music and I liked their first three albums, though I confess I stopped listening after the Be here now album.

The documentary takes a look at how the band started. It begins looking at the childhood of Liam and Noel Gallagher. One thing I did not know was that it was Liam who started Oasis and Noel joined later and became their songwriter. The film takes a deep look at their rise to fame. 

The documentary is very insightful and has a lot of footage that really allows you to see the band behind the scenes. What the documentary did for me was really think badly on the band itself, their arrogance and their attitude really just showed that maybe Noel cared about the music but Liam just wanted to be a rock star and thought that all the behavior was justified. I still like the music, but I got a clearer picture as to why after their second album their success was not the same no matter what they say. The claimed to be the best band in the world and maybe they were but the music suffered because of all the things that went behind it all. 

Where the documentary fails for me is that it only goes through the first two albums, it does not go deep into Be here now forward and really having the band go into why did they broke up and why the brothers to this day have no relationship. I think it should have been a two-part documentary to really cover the whole story. The fact that it features new interviews from band members gave a lot of credibility to the film but I think they stayed safe in many ways. They upfront about the drugs and their crazy behavior but that is something they see as part of being “rock stars”. If you are a fan of the band you will enjoy all the footage of concerts, of them goofing around backstage and the pictures of Liam and Noel as kids. But I wished they really kept going to tell the whole story not just when they were on the top. 


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