Bob Dylan: Rolling Thunder Revue Live Recordings Box Set (2019)

To go with the Martin Scorsese documentary on the tour, we get a massive box set of recordings related to this period in Bob Dylan’s career. In 2002 as part of the Bootleg Series, a double cd was released featuring what they thought were the best performances of the tour. 

I think I said this in my review of the documentary, these performances show Dylan at the top of his game. His voice was powerful and the band played with such force and maybe the fact that they played small venues gave Dylan a freedom while performing. There is not much else I could add about the tour that I did not say in my review of the documentary.

The box set, I have to say its beautifully packaged. It is a small box containing the 14 cd’s and a booklet with images related to the tour all over the box. It contains songs that I never heard before some traditional and some written by Dylan with a co-writer. It has three cd’s of rehearsals and rarities that provide great insight into the process of getting the songs together for the tour, also a look at how the songs for the album Desire started since those songs were performed in the tour but were yet to be released. 

Since the box set features 5 complete concerts it is obvious that songs are repeated but the box set is still worth it. The book is insightful and has cool pictures of Dylan and the band.

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