The people vs George Lucas (2010)

Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe

This documentary was interesting to see, but I think is way too unfair with what they are trying to say in the film. 

The original Star Wars trilogy really mean a lot to a lot of people. It is part of many people’s childhood, mine included. It has one of the most loyal and sometimes too extreme fans that really take it all very seriously. It was a film that inspired many and to be honest at that time it really brought a lot of what we could have had in our imagination and brought it to the big screen. This film explores the love and hate relationship the fans have with George Lucas. 

I valued the documentary more like a comedy, I could not take it seriously. The way these fans talk about Lucas is unfair. In an interview John Lennon once said that it was easier to perform by himself that to reunite with The Beatles because in all truth they could never live up to all the expectations and please everyone, he said that if he ever reunited with The Beatles it would be because they had fun and not for what others think. I think that applies to Lucas, I think no matter what he could have done in the prequels, it was going to be hard to live up to the expectations because people expect the same effect as it had when it was new. I agree with most of the comments, the prequels are not very good and I hate Jar Jar Binks, but they take too far, I saw an interview of the actor who played Jar Jar Binks and how he was affected with all the hate, and the poor kid who played Anakin it is wrong to go to the extremes some fans went. Do I like the new Star War films, honestly not that much, but to go as far as saying bad things about George Lucas, no I would not. 

I am very passionate about the things I like, so maybe these fans have their reasons to be this vocal and express so much resentment for what they think are bad films, but as the documentary shows, Lucas did for the kids of the 90’s what he did in 1977 for us when we were younger, the kids interviewed in the film liked the Phantom Menace and the characters. I think we put too much pressure on the artist we like and then criticize them when they don’t match our expectations, but they can only do their best and live their lives.

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