Men in Black International (2019)

Directed by F. Gary Gray

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson. 

Men in Black was a huge box office hit in 1997 when summers meant a Will Smith blockbuster movie. They two more sequels the last being released in 2012. I was never a huge fan on the series but at the same time I enjoyed them. 

For this entry in the series, Molly as a little girl saw how two agents erased her parents memory and she sees an alien. That changed her life and all she wanted to find the agency because she wanted to become an MIB. She is sent to London on a mission. 

Like I said before, I am not a big fan of the series, in fact I think I never saw the third one, but when I see them I have fun. The casting was something that had to be done right because Will Smith was funny and had charisma that just made you have fun in almost any film he made (except Wild Wild West). Chris Hemsworth plays one of the top agents and he has shown that he can be funny, the last films of Thor had good humor in them. He offered good things to the movie and did a good job as agent H. He and Tessa Thompson worked well together, I believe having worked together on Thor helped them to be more familiar with each other and it showed on screen. Liam Neeson was great as always, he is a great actor and Emma Thompson is also very good in the scenes she is in. 

The story itself, all I can say is that it was fun, it was predictable in some things and nothing new really. At first, I was a little bored but then it got better. I liked the aliens of the prior MIB films I think there were more and funnier. In this one, the best alien is Pawny, an alien who was part of a chess game that when the queen dies vows to serve agent M. 

It is not a bad movie to see if you’re out with friends and just want to see a movie with cool action and have a good time.

2 thoughts on “Men in Black International (2019)

    1. En realidad a mi tampoco me encantan y si las primeras tenian a dos buenos actores. Aunque esta tiene al de Taken que a mi me gusta como actua.


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