Murder Mystery (2019)

Directed by Kyle Newacheck

Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

One thing about Adam Sandler’s movies, you don’t expect a masterpiece of a film, but do expect to be entertained. I really enjoy most of his films, I find that they have a charm and they make you laugh. Some work better than others, but it seems Sandler has found an audience and no matter how badly the critics say the films are, people go to see them. 

Today saw the release exclusively on Netflix of the Murder Mystery. The movie is about this couple who are celebrating their 15th anniversary and go on a trip to Europe. When Audrey (Aniston) meets Charles on the plane he invites them to go on their yacht. It is a celebration of the wedding of his uncle when suddenly the uncle gets murder and Nick and Audrey have to solve the mystery of who did it. 

The best thing this movie has really is Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, they really worked well together. One thing Sandler does best is choosing familiar people to work with, he already made a film with Aniston a few years ago called Just go with it. I was expecting the movie to be funnier but the story made up for it because it was interesting with all the twists and in deed there are funny scenes. This movie reminded of the film Clue with Tim Curry, it had the same feel of the movie in the sense that a mysterious crime occurred where everyone was a suspect. 

I recommend the movie if you are looking for a good movie that is just fun and interesting.

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