We are Columbine (2018)

Directed by Laura Farber

There are events that happen and they get planted in your memory. For me it’s the attacks on September 11th, 2001 and the tragedy that happened in Columbine High School. The images are still shocking of all those kids running outside with SWAT teams around and of course, too many lives were lost. Sadly, today it seems like is normal for things like these to happen, and I don’t want to get political, but something has to be done, the love of guns can’t be more than the safety of kids, or at least do what is in our hands to provide a safer place. I remember the film Bowling for Columbine and it was good and it was also shocking, but it is one-sided and has an agenda. This film is a unique documentary because it has no political aspect of any kind, just the story of loss and trying to let go and live their lives. 

The documentary brings together survivors of that day, four students, one teacher and the principal. They all share their experience that day and the effects it had on them in the aftermath of the event. We get to see them as they go back to the school and even show the audience where they were when it all started. I once was involved in an armed robbery and even though I do go back to the place it happened, I still see me in the corner on my knees hoping I could get out and see my family, so I got the sense of how they must have felt coming back there are telling their story.

The documentary is done by Laura Farber, who is also a survivor of the Columbine massacre. I was very insightful and yet respectful to the victims. I really liked the fact that they focused on their experience and not once mentioned Harris and Klebold or show footage of them moving around the school. I won’t deny that I have seen footage but to keep showing it, almost glorifies them and sometimes that is what they want. The documentary used news footage and some of the kids leaving the school but I think it was rightfully done. There were parts that just were heartbreaking, from the guilt they felt for leaving the school and not going back to help the others, to kids being trapped in a classroom using a trashcan because they could not go to the bathroom, one of the kids told that story, if it’s true or not I don’t know, but still it is a horrible situation. Hearing from one of the teachers how they all set aside their own hurt to help the kids and the anxiety the teacher interviewed hid while in the classroom. The picture of some of the memorial was also so sad, once the film ended I could not help to feel so sad and to know that so many years later and this kind of thing still happens in the United States more than any other place, just makes me feel worse. 

One thing that was said in the documentary by one of the survivors that now is a teacher really should be an eye-opener for everyone, he said that today hearing that there is a bomb in the school is normal, what a sad statement to make. Like, I said, this documentary does take political sides or views, but it forces us to look at ourselves as a society that still has not learned from what happened in Columbine. The documentary is in Hulu and it is not a long documentary and I recommended just to hear the story of that event from the eyes of some of the kids that were there. 

And my prayer, that this kind of thing stops happening and for schools to be a safe place again. 


2 thoughts on “We are Columbine (2018)

  1. EU todavía piensa que vive en el tiempo de los pistoleros del oeste. Es necesario controlar los permisos de armas.


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