Halloween (2018)

Directed by David Gordon Green

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Will Patton.

I will start this review by admitting that the classic 1978 film Halloween by John Carpenter, still scares me. I think he was brilliant with every shot and how he used every Michael appearance. It was not like Jason or Freddy that they scared by the acts of killing their victims. There were places where he appeared that came unexpected and the mystery of the character that never spoke and wore that awful mask. There have been many Halloween movies but for me, none were at the same level as the first two films. Michael Myers is one of the three important figures of the horror genre of that time. Jason, Freddy, and Myers are cultural phenomenons that remain relevant as culture figures, even if the movies are not as good as they were. Of course, you don’t go to this movie to see a masterpiece of a screenplay. The ones that go to see these movies knows what he will get. 

The premise for this movie is that it has been 40 years to that Halloween where Myers killed his sisters and other people. The movie starts as two journalists go to where Michael is kept to see him in person. Meanwhile, Laurie Strode who survived that Halloween night years ago lives isolated from her family obsessed with Michael. Her granddaughter wants her to be a part of the family. Michael escapes while getting transferred from the facility he was in and he starts his murder rampage again. 

If you are looking for a scary movie, I don’t think this is the film you are looking for. It failed to really provide that scare factor mainly because it has been done too many times and there is only so much Michael can do. it has an interesting story if you want to follow up on the first two films because it feels like this is a direct continuation of them. it was cool to see Laurie almost become a Sarah Connor type, a survivor who now knows about guns and weapons and also that she drove her daughter away with her intense preparations for the Michael would come.

The part that annoys me about these films are the teenagers, they are always portrayed the same way and with every year they get worse, but that is part these movies. I found it too predictable to become really a horror film, to me it was more about the hunt for a serial killer in a suspense drama film. There was one thing that caught me by surprise but I don’t want to say it and spoil it for anyone that has not seen the movie.  Jaime Lee Curtis was good in the role and so was Judy Greer. The part of Myers the magic really lies in the mask and the robot-like movements and I believe that the actor played Myers in the original film so he knew what to bring to the film. 

Like I said if you are a fan of the Halloween movies, his one is a good installment. 

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