Everything is copy (2015)

Directed by Jason Bernstein

This is an HBO documentary about the life of journalist and screenplay writer Nora Ephron. I found it interesting because the documentary is done by her son and he seemed to be trying to learn more about his mother as he talks to those who knew her. One great scene is when he is talking to his father about their very public divorce. 

The documentary covers her childhood. Her mother died as a result of alcohol abuse. Her mother and father were both screenwriters and as a result of them not being successful, her mother started drinking and some of her friends believe that drove Nora to be successful. She began as a journalist and from there she made it to writing and directing films.

I remember when I was younger seeing this movie with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep called Heartburn. The movie for some reason really stuck with me over the years and the song at the end also remained very deep in my memory, the song was Coming around again by Carly Simon. Years later and talked in this documentary with more detail, I learned it was based on a true story. Nora wrote a book about her marriage to Carl Bernstein who is famous for being one of the reporters who uncovered the Watergate Scandal. It was very interesting to see the backstory of the making of Heartburn. Bernstein did not want the movie made because of how he was going to be represented in the picture and he feared the effect that would have on his kids, and what a moment when his son confesses that for a while the movie did change how he viewed his father. The movie was not a success, but it is a movie that I guess I like because it reminds me of my childhood. 

I have seen a lot of films that I learned she either wrote or directed. I remember a film called Silkwood with Meryl Streep and Cher, another film that impacted me when I saw it because of the end, Meryl’s character is killed and the scene is shown with amazing grace as the song and it really impacted me. One of her most known movies is the great film When Harry Met Sally with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. She is also known for the films Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve got mail both with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. The one film that really was good to hear about in the documentary was hanging Up. That film is one of the saddest movies I have seen, but it is also a beautiful film about family. It was written with her sister Delia and she revealed is about their father. To know that she resented Nora for not being there where their father was sick was something she resented and it is there in the film. Meg Ryan’s character is the one with the burden of taking care of their father and it is a difficult task. 

She has made some good films and the documentary is really interesting. She died in 2012 and shocked everyone because she did not tell anyone that she was sick, her last film was Julia & Julia.   


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