Gloria Bell (2018)

Directed by Sebastián Lelio

Starting Julianne Moore, John Turturro, Michael Cera, Brad Garret, Rita Wilson

This is one of those films that is driven by the characters and the performances. It is not a film for everyone because it is slow and it is head-on drama, but it is an inspiring story of human nature, the desire to feel alive. 

Gloria is a divorced woman with two kids. One night she goes dancing and meets Arnold. They dance and end up hitting it off, so they start to date each other. Gloria is willing to let Arnold completely into her life but Arnold holds back, not even telling his daughters about Gloria. The story follows Gloria as she finds herself in the process of changes in her family and this complicated man she meets and falls for. 

I found myself liking the film, but I admit it was slow, but the story is good enough to keep you interested in seeing what happens to Gloria and Arnold. I like the fact that the movie is real, no easy solutions, just a woman coming to terms with her life and by the end just deciding to enjoy life. The theme of the movie is willing to do what you want because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I think what the movie shows a woman who maybe has restrained things in her life and suddenly just wants to feel alive. I really liked that by the end in a powerful scene we finally see Gloria break free and just enjoy life, while the song Gloria plays in the scene. I think is a powerful message for everyone at any age to enjoy life, and this does not mean do crazy things, just to live and enjoy each moment. 

I do have to say Julianne Moore is so good in this movie. She brought life to this character and was so effective in showing how the character was feeling in every scene. She is one great actress, and in this film, she once again shows it. Another great performance in the film was John Turturro’s performance as Arnold. He is a complicated character that is hard to actually see how he is feeling or what are his intentions. 

I recommend the film, I don’t know if it’s for everyone because it is a film where you can appreciate a good story and great performances, but really it has no suspense or big plot twist at the end. It is a film where we can study and see, through Gloria, the human aspect of living.


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