Father’s Day movies

I regret not having this idea for Mother’s Day because I believe both deserve honor and recognition, and both have been presented well in movies. This next weekend is the day where we celebrate fathers around the world. I would like to take a look at films about different aspects of being a father. There are many movies where the father is the one that leaves and neglects the child, and while that is true, there are a lot of fathers who would do anything for their kids. 

The first film I saw where I could say what a positive look at a father on screen. The film did not show a perfect father, just a man with all his flaws that truly loved his kids. Ms. Doubtfire starring Robin Williams was a huge success and it is a great comedy, but behind the comedy, there was a beautiful story of what happens to some couples and the kids in between. When his wife asks Daniel for a divorce, he is devastated by the separation to his kids and the limits in time with them. When he finds out she is searching for someone to take care of the kids after school he decides to disguise himself as an old British woman and gets the job taking care of them and in there he learns more about himself and learns to understand his ex-wife. Robin played the character both funny and with a lot of heart and you believed how much he loved his kids. I know it does not happen much, but it was nice how in the end they agreed to forgive each other and put the kids first. 

One of my favorite films about fathers is Bye Bye, love. This is the story of four divorced dads and their weekends with their kids. The movie explores the difficulty for both the parents and the kids in handling divorce. They are all struggling to be the best parent they could be. I just love the story and the focus on the fathers as imperfect as they seemed, they really wanted to be the best they could for their kids. It is a beautiful film full of heart. 

This is not a known film, but Author! Author! starring Al Pacino is also a good film portrayal of a good father. In this case he even takes care of the kids of his wife who abandons him and the kids. The kids love him because he really cares for each of them and even when his wife leaving him he still looks out for them and gives them a home. It is a sweet story, and it reflects some men I know that love their wives’ kids as if they were his own and that is something I deeply admire. 

Now, this next film is more a film of redemption than a clear example of a good father. Nobody’s fool is one of Paul Newman’s best performances as Sully. He lives with an old lady who is his landlord, and he suddenly is reunited with the son he abandoned years ago. Is thanksgiving and reluctantly goes to his ex-wife house where he finds chaos and runs away, but one of his grandkids hid in his car and there he begins a relationship with him and through that he reconnects with his son. It is a touching story of a man who suddenly realizes how he much he meant to too many people. 

One movie that I reviewed a while back but has to be included in this blog post is the film Kramer v Kramer. Here Dustin Hoffman plays a man focused on his work while his wife takes care of their son. She decides to leave and now he has to balance his job and taking care of his son. I like that the film showed the process of Dustin’s character slowly realizing just how much he loved his son and how he becomes his priority. By the end he fights to keep his son when his wife decides to ask full custody. It is a beautiful film about a man who changes and becomes a better father in the process. 

As a father of a daughter, I can relate to this movie so much, Father of the bride. I saw the Steve Martin version and I have to say it always makes me cry, and that was before I had my daughter. The story of how hard it is to let go of your kids when they grow up and, in this case, giving his daughter to get married. The film lets you inside George Bank’s process of letting go of his little girl is so beautiful. The way he remembers her is something I know most fathers do with their children as they grow. 

In one of the hardest movies to see, but a powerful look at a man willing to do anything to save his son. John Q is a powerful film and while is unethical what he did, it is understandable that he did what he did and in the end being willing to lay down his life to save his son. And having Denzel Washington giving a powerful performance. 

Another great film is The Pursuit of happiness with Will Smith, the true story of a man struggling to earn a living while taking care of his son on his own. The effort he makes just to improve and win a position as a stock broker while not having a place to stay and trying to keep his son from seeing what was happening, also like this is Life is beautiful but of course different circumstances. 

I am going to finish with a little bit of television because there are two shows I need to include. Parenthood is one of the best shows I have seen and it features great fathers in the show. Zeek plays the patriarch of the family and he is crazy but is always there for his kids, sometimes he fails but his kids know they can count on him, and his two sons are great fathers in the show. The other show is This is Us, the character of Jack is such a great portrayal of a good father and you can’t help to want to be as good a dad as he is. 

The role of a father is so important in our kids’ life, and I celebrate all those fathers who are always there for their kids, don’t worry about being perfect, just love them.  

Happy father’s Day! 


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day movies

  1. I have seem many of those pictures. Excellent comments. I was involved in two divorces letting behind four kids. I missed them a lot. Sometimes a divorce is the only alternative.


    1. Why I liked many of those films is because they were real fathers, not perfect, and as fathers that is really what we are, imperfect people doing our best to be there for our kids.


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