X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Directed by Simon Kinberg

Starring James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Holt.

This is a story that I have always loved. I am reading the comic books again to refresh my memory of it. It is a story with so much potential, in The Last Stand they really did not do it right. How was it this time? I have mixed feelings. The bad thing about this case also is that even before it was released, so much negative things had been said about it, but I went to see it with an open mind. 

The movie mainly is about a power that over comes Jean Grey and she can’t control that power. It is on the X-Men to try to help her regain control and not destroy everything. 

When I say I ended with mixed feelings, I meant that if I had not read the comic book story, then the movie might have been fine with me. But I just believe the story has so much potential and even though I liked the film, I still think it could have been better. I mean I liked the movie, even though it had a few things I did not like, they did not make it a bad film or at least not as bad as so many reviews say about the film. With what they could do with the story in a just a two-hour long movie, it was a good movie. I think for many who might not know much of the original comic story, will enjoy the movie. The action at the end was really good I will give that to the film, the effects looked amazing.    

The one thing that just failed for me were the performances. Other than James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, the performances were not really good. I had a real hard time with Cyclops, he did not feel like the leader of the X-Men and just had no real presence. The actor who played Beast is a good actor, but the rest of the mutants just fell short in making me believe they were these characters. I say this more now because they take a more center stage, in all honesty, I liked the past films but not so much the actors in it, other than the ones I mentioned. I did not like that much how Jean was portrayed either. Sometimes it felt like the actors themselves did not like the script and just had to do the movie, Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress but it felt like she had no choice in being in the film and just did her scenes. It reminded me of Spiderman 3 where Tobey and Kirsten felt like they just did the movie because they had to, unlike the first two films that they really gave life to the characters.  

My views have nothing to do with the movie not being part of the MCU, but I believe the MCU changed the way these movies can be made. I think this story deserves more time to be developed and not force so much of the story. The movie is not bad, I enjoyed it, but I believe the story has so much potential and it still could be done better. But the bottom line is that the movie is enjoyable and has good things in it.

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