Tomorrow will be the release of the last X-men film under 20th century fox and before entering the MCU. The Dark phoenix will be released tomorrow and, in all honesty, I hope it proves me wrong because I was not impressed with the trailer, but I hope it’s good.

X-men were created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1963 (Wikipedia, 2019). These stories reflected an element of real social issues like racism, diversity and anti-Semitism. The struggle of the mutant kind to be accepted in society and not feared is a big theme of the comics and films. I don’t have many memories of reading the comics, but I’m sure I did.

In the media my first real memory of the X-men was the Fox animated tv show in 1992. The show covered a lot of cool stories and was very well done. The first episode was of the sentinels, I remember a story of Days of future past and it covered the Phoenix saga.

Then in 2000, the first X-men was released. Introducing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and a great cast. The film I think took a modest approach, maybe to see how it would do, but it was effective as an introduction. The cast was very well chosen, Halle Berry as Storm, Ian McKellen as Magneto, Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, Anna Paquin as Rogue, really a good cast. The story follows Magneto as he plans to use Rogue’s ability to power a machine that would make normal people to mutants. The X-men find Wolverine and Rogue and try to figure out what is how to stop Magneto. Now the best in the trilogy was X2, X-men United released in 2003 with the same cast. The opening scene with Nightcrawler in the White House was amazing, and the story on this one is more interesting, the characters are more developed and get more time, of course the main attraction is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but every character gets treated very well in terms of action and the storyline. Here Stryker, the man who created Wolverine, using the mutants to strike fear in government and allow him to enter the Xavier’s school and use cerebro to kill all mutants. This forces the X-men and Magneto to work together to stop Stryker. The worst one is X-men 3: The Last Stand, it’s hard to like a movie that kills two main characters and fails to tell one of the best comic stories about the X-men, The Phoenix Saga. I love the Wolverine character but to make him the center in this story was not a good choice at least for me because I knew how the story really went. The story here is that the humans found a cure for mutants and this creates anger in the mutant community and the war finally comes, in the meantime Jean rises and her dormant side is awoken, unleashing power and a personality she never displayed before. 

Then came the spin off movies of Wolverine. The first one was not perfect, but I really liked the rest of the Wolverine movies. the first one we see the origin of Wolverine and his relationship with Sabretooth.  The Wolverine, the second film, has a great story, Hugh Jackman by this time just dominated the character and I liked the villains and the action. In this story we see Logan in WW II as he saved a man from a nuclear bomb. Years later he is asked to go to Japan to see this man who is now dying. What the man wants is to take Wolverine’s healing ability and heal himself. Then the best one of the series, Logan, was Wolverine raw at last, R-rated. It was a fitting end for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The story of Wolverine taking care of an old Charles and learning he had a daughter. 

The X-men the first class was released in 2011, it followed a young Charles and Magneto as they start building the X-men and their rivalry. The first film was really good, I liked the characters. Bryan Singer returned for Days of future past along with Halle Berry, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. The film was very good, although the original actors from the first X-men films really were not used that much, Wolverine because he went to the past is featured heavily in the movie. The X-men Apocalypse Came next and I liked it, it had good moments in the film. this weekend I hope to the Dark Phoenix to see how it is, I don’t agree with critics until I see it.  

I would like the Marvel Studios to maybe do with the Phoenix story what they did with the Infinity Gauntlet story. A friend of mine said and agree, this story requires various films to be told right, like the MCU did taking their time building up to the Endgame film. 


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