Rocketman (2019)

Directed by Dexter Fletcher

Starring Taron Egerton, Jaime Bell, Bryce Dallas Howard

Without a doubt Elton John is one of the most successful artist ever! He has been active in music for many years. 

The film follows the story of Reginald Dwight, better knows as Elton John. We start by seeing a young Elton learning to play piano and his relationship with his parents. From there we see how Elton started playing in clubs until he goes to Dick James, the man that formed with The Beatles Northern Songs. It is there where he would meet Bernie Taupin and together started writing songs, Taupin wrote the lyrics and Elton the music. They instantly clicked and had a partnership that has lasted to this day. The movie deals with Elton handling his rise to fame and alcohol and drug abuse. 

I was surprised the film was told in the style of a musical. It had a good balance, it wasn’t all songs. The movie was really good and for me, that did not know much about his story it was very interesting. I would’ve liked the film to include more high points in his career instead of just showing his struggles. That was something I liked about Bohemian Rasphody, they showed the life of excess he was leading but they also focused on milestones in Queen’s career. The best part of the story is the friendship between Bernie and Elton. The songs chosen were very good but with a huge catalog like he has, of course, some songs were missing. I liked that they used the songs as vehicles to tell the story, not regarding a specific timeline. 

I have to say Egerton was really good in the role and he really looked like Elton. I think he really recreated a lot of Elton’s style and extravagance and the duality in his life in terms of his public persona and how he wasreally feelig. I think the whole cast was very good. Bryce Dallas Howard was not recognizable in the film but she did a great job as Elton John’s mother. I saw an interview where Elton John wanted the main message of the film is the importance of asking for help, it was a constant subject matter in the film how he wanted people to be there for him, but he said nothing about needing them.

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