It was 51 years ago today!

On June 1, 1967 The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It is regarded as one of the most important albums of all time. The album has been named as the best album of all time in various lists (Wikipedia, 2019). It is considered the album that revolutionized music and what started the album era, this refers that at that time albums were not the principal medium of releasing music, it was the singles (Wikipedia, 2019). 

At this time The Beatles decided to stop touring and decided to take some well-deserved time off. And for the first time they did not have to rush out an album, they could the time developing each track. The other main inspiration was their desire to make an album they could not perform live. This allowed them to try different sounds and different instruments. In collaboration with George Martin, The Beatles recorded songs that were innovative and new and full of different sounds. I consider it to be a great album, I still don’t think it’s a better album than The Beatles (white album) or Abbey Road, but I do recognize its importance. The album cover is widely recognized, it was also the first album with printed lyrics.

Two songs were recorded during that period that ended being released as singles and not included in the album. Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane were not included in the album but were among the first to be recorded. The album was made as if a fictitious band was playing a concert, that is why the album starts as if it were the first song in the concert and in the end it has a song saying things like its time to go and this is our last song. My favorites from the album are Sgt. Pepper, with a little help from my friends, Lucy in the Sky with Diamond, Getting Better, A day in the life, Good Morning, Good Morning and Being for the benefit of Mr. Kyte. 

Last year on the 50thanniversary of the album, it was released as a box set remastered by Giles Martin. Giles work on the album at least, in my opinion, was so good. The album sounded so good, the clarity in the instruments and the voices. The package was also cool, it came with a book and information about each song and great essays and pictures of the times and The Beatles. It also includes bonus disc from the recording sessions and a blue ray including a documentary of the making of the album that was not available.  

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